6 year old in handcuffs

Hey blog world! Yesterday I was watching “Piers Morgan Tonight” and his Only In American segment was one of the most shocking things I’d ever heard! Here it is http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2012/04/18/piers-morgan-only-in-america-six-year-old-put-in-handcuffs.cnn! A 6 year old girl named Alisha and let me enthasize this one more time A 6 YEAR OLD was in Kindergarten 1 day and as you guys probably know 6 year old kids tend to throw tantrums from time to time and boy oh boy did she ever! I don’t know what caused this tantrum but Alisha threw books and toys, knocked stuff off walls and even knocked over a shelf! The only way her not so bright teachers could think of to deal with her was to call the police! They came and handcuffed the poor thing, took her to the police station and put her in a holding cell! Blog world this is totally not right! Sure she could have possibly hurt someone but I definately think a visit to the principal would have sufficed! Not a visit to the police station in handcuffs! What do you think blog world? Should the teacher have called the police to handle Alisha’s tantrum? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!


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