The not so awesome ending of 1000 awesome things

Hey blog world! Ever heard of the website It’s a blog written by Neil Pasricha. He has also written 3 books. “The Book Of Awesome” , “The Book Of (Even More) Awesome”  and “The Book Of Holiday Awesome” . I’ve read the 1st and 2nd book and if I could only use 1 word to describe them it’d be this. AWESOME! These books (and the blog) are all about the little unsung pleasures in our lives like popping bubble wrap, bakery air, high fiving babies, wearing underwear fresh from the dryer and loads more! These books and the website always made me laugh and brought a smile to my face! Unfortunately this Thursday will reach #1 and come to an end :(. I sure will miss the website! At least I have the 1st 2 books on my kobo so I can relive the memories whenever I want to! I really wanna say a HUGE thanks to Neil for bringing the world all your awesomeness and also another HUGE thanks goes to wordpress! Thanks for existing! Without you 1000 Awesome Things may never have happened! Before I go I have a question for you blog world! What’s your favorite awesome thing from either the Neil’s blog or one of his books of awesome? Tell me in the comments!


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