My top 5 favorite VeggieTales movies

Hey blog world! Today I’m gonna be blogging to you about my top 5 favorite VeggieTales movies!

#5 “Rack Shack and Benny” . This is the very 1st VeggieTales movie I’ve ever seen! It’s about 3 veggies named Rack (played by Bob the Tomato), Shack (Jr Asparagus) and Benny (which is short for Abendigo(played by Larry the Cucumber)). They work at the Nezzer Chocolate Factory. One day Mr Nezzer (the giant pickle dude in the back with the white shirt on) builds a giant bunny statue and wants everyone to bow down to it and sing “The Bunny Song”. “The Bunny Song” is a song that has a lot of bad stuff you aren’t supposed to say in it so Rack, Shack and Benny don’t want to sing it. On the day they’re supposed to sing it they sing “Think Of Me” instead. That really angers Mr Nezzer! So much so that he throws all 3 boys in the furnace. Thankfully the Lord saves them, Mr Nezzer changes his ways and in the end they all sing an awesome song about standing up for what you believe in!

#4 “Josh and the Big Wall” . This is the Veggietales version of the story of Joshua the man who with the help of his friends demolished the walls of Jericho and got to the promised land. This movie is really funny! I can’t help but laugh everytime someone gets a slushee hurled at them by one of the Jericho peas! My favorite song from this movie is “Promised Land”

#3 “Dave and the Giant Pickle” . This is the VeggieTales version of the story of David and Goliath. I can’t remember much about it since I haven’t seen it in a long time but I do remember that Jr Asparagus is the one playing Dave. My favorite song from this movie is “Big Things Too” My favorite line in this song is definatly the line that Archie says in the beginning “Couldn’t you just play your harp and I’ll throw things at you?” LOL!

#2 “The Ballad Of Little Joe” . This is the VeggieTales version of the story of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It’s about a dream interpreting cucumber named Little Joe (played by Larry) who’s father (played by Pa Grape) gives him a special multicolored coat for his birthday. All his father ever gave his brothers (the french peas) for their birthdays were mittens. Because Little Joe got a better present they shove him down a mineshaft, sell him to bandits and make their father believe he’s dead. As you can see by the picture this movie teaches a lesson about facing hardship (and also trusting God). Even though all these bad things are happening to him Little Joe trusts the lord because he says that good things are going to happen.


 My #1 favorite VeggieTales movie is “King George and the Ducky”! This movie is about a king named George (played by Larry the Cucumber) who loves baths and his collection of rubber duckies. One day he sees a little boy (played by Jr Asparagus) who has a rubber duck and he really wants it! Even though he has all those ducks he really wants that boys duck. He forces the servant to take it and to make things worse King George sends the boy off to fight in the great pie war! My favorite song from this movie is called “I Love My Duck”!

What’s your favorite VeggieTales movie blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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