autism books

Hey blog world! I’ve read lots of books about autism since I myself have it because I want to learn more about it. These are some books that I strongly reccommend for kids with autism and their parents.

“Understanding Sam”  by Clarabelle Van Niekerk. I came across this book in the library of my elementary school. I thought it was great! It’s about a boy named Sam (obviously) who has aspergers and what lifes like for him. It’s such a heartwarming and funny story! Another great book about Aspergers is “Aspergers HUH?”  by Rosina G Schnurr . This book is a kids perspective on being diagnosed with Aspergers. I don’t think I got to finish the book but what I got to read I really enjoyed (even though the pictures were all black and white(I prefer them with color. I think they’re prettier that way))! Also myself and my friend Ally (who has 3 blogs here, and ) both really enjoyed this book . It’s called “All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome” and it’s written by Kathy Hoopmann. It’s a very cute and funny book that uses pictures of adorable kitties to explain Aspergers! Here are a few examples of the pages    .

If you get the chance I strongly reccommend reading all 3 of these books!


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