Hey blog world! I can’t believe that this Sunday is Easter Sunday! It sure has arrived super quickly! I love Easter! The best part is definately going on a humongeous hunt around the house for small chocolate eggs and HUGE (compared to the small eggs at least) Cadburry Creme Eggs! Also every year the Easter Bunny is nice enough to leave out non chocolatey surprises for me! A bunch of years ago when I was 5 I got this cute little Vtech fishing for phonics machine , I’ve gotten several new shirts and pants and other clothes and last Easter I woke up to find a box set of “The Beverly Hillbillies” on DVD! There was 1 year however when I wasn’t exactly all too pleased with what the Easter Bunny had brought. I’m a very big fan of the “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” book series and have all the books. Aparently the Easter Bunny didn’t know that at the time. I can’t remember where or when but I had purchased a hardcover copy of the 3rd book in the series called “The Next Straw” and on Easter Sunday I woke up to find a paperback copy sitting in the big brown leather arm chair at my house were the Easter Bunny always leaves my extra gifts. I couldn’t believe that he had given me something I’d already had! I thought he too could see everything and would have known that I had it! Oh well! At least I was able to return the book and get something else for it! Another thing I like about Easter is spending it with my Neice! I love hunting for eggs with her and playing with the non chocolate items the easter bunny had brought her (he leaves extra presents for her at my house because she spends easter with us pretty much every year)! I unfortunately don’t get to do this anymore because I’ve gotten too old but I used to attend Easter camps during the Easter break! My favorite was definately the one held at The Aquarena/The Works (The Works is a gym and The Aquarena is a swimming pool attached to The Works and they’re located out in town.) It had the same name as their summer camp. Camp Whatchamacallit. It was so much fun! We played games, swam every day, had talent shows and 2 years ago we even painted our own easter flower pots and put fake grass inside of them and when we came back from our swim we found that the Easter Bunny had come and put candy in our flower pots! That’s all from me for now blog world! Happy Easter! What’s your favorite part about Easter blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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