Servers retreats

Hey blog world! How many of you are servers at your church? I’m one and I love it! I feel really special because I get to bring up the gifts, light the candles (although I can never get the lighter to work LOL) and sometimes I get to lead the younger kids to Sunday School! At my church sometimes our Reverand organizes servers retreats. A servers retreat is when all the servers get together for a weekend at the Lavrock center and we have an awesome time! We get to play all kinds of really fun games like a few years ago we played a game where we had to blow a bubble and then using only our breath we had to get it through the hoop on the other side of the room. Also last year our Reverand set up a HUGE blue tarp outside and covered it with water and Sunlight (and by Sunlight I mean the dish detergent brand ) and then we all had to take off our socks and do the limbo on the tarp! I had a lot of fun but I was so afraid I may slip or go a little too low and hurt myself! Thankfully I didn’t! We also have lots of wacky contests as well! At the last Servers retreat that I attended we had a water drinking contest! We each got a bottle of water and a ridiculously long straw and were given 1 minute to drink as much water as possible! I can’t remember who won but I know it wasn’t me! Also a few years ago we had a contest where we got into groups and each group had to pick a person to decorate using tin foil, toilet paper and toilet paper rolls. I was the person that got picked and my team decided to decorate me as the statue of liberty. As soon as they were finished I could barely walk let alone feel my legs! At least I had fun being turned into the statue of liberty and also we won 2nd place so that wasn’t too bad (1st place was awarded to the group who decorated their person as Lady Gaga.) At servers retreats we also have campfires where we roast marshmellows. Also we have hymn sings as well (a hymn sing is basically a church hymn sing along.) In fact that’s where the “American Idol” version of “This Is The Day” was created (for more info on that please read my “American Idol” blog post!) Also at most of our servers retreats we get to have a talent show! At the last servers retreat for the talent show I played “Coat Of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton on the piano and I sang “I’m A Survivor” by Reba McCentire Also we get awards on the very last day! Last year I got the chipper award (my trophy was a plastic squirrel with a hole in it’s butt LOL! It was really cute (accept for the hole!)) A few years ago my award was the riddler because I kept asking people riddles! My trophy was a small little stuffed blue donkey. If your a server at your church you should totally ask your Reverand about organizing a Servers retreat. If your not a Server BECOME ONE! It’s a great experience! Have you ever gone to a Servers retreat blog world? Tell me your favorite part about it in the comments!

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