animated shows

Hey blog world! I watch a whole lot of TV and some of my favorite shows are animated ones! Today I’m gonna share with you some of my favorite animated shows! I’ll even post the theme songs!

“Almost Naked Animals” This show is HILLARIOUS! It’s all about a bunch of animals who wear nothing but underpants (and also some (but not all) of the female animals like Sloth  for example wear a bra). These animals run a hotel called the Banana Cabanna. My favorite of the Almost Naked Animals are Duck  the handy animal of the hotel who lives in a supply closet, Piggy  the hotel chef who is also trained in Ninjitsu and also spent some time as a porkette (a group of interpretive pig dancers.) and I also really like Howie  the hotel manager who is obsessed with stuntman Dirk Dangerfield (the buck toothed dude in the white helmet on the green poster on Howie’s wall) and wants to be just like him! My favorite quote from this show is from Duck. It comes from a recent episode called “Octo Vs Batty”. That quote is “This water hurts my body!” I couldn’t help but LOL when Duck said that! The reason why Duck said this is becuase Batty (one of the villains of the show) had filled the Banana Cabana’s pool with lava instead of water and Duck dived right in!

“Cyberchase” This show is about Inez (the one with the glasses), Matt (the one in the green shirt) and Jackie (the one with the red necklace). They venture into Cyberspace and along with their friend Digit (the purple bird with the red ball cap on backwards) they help Motherboard  (the ruler of Cyberspace who Hacker had infected with a virus) by using their math skills to thwart the plans of the evil Hacker  who wants to take over Cyberspace! Also at the end of each episode they do a 6 minute segment called “Cyberchase For Real” where either Bianca  or Harry  or both show us ways that math can be used in the real world! I love this show because for 1 thing I suck at math so this show is my absolute savior and also it’s super funny! Digit is definately my favorite character!

“Arthur” This is a show on PBS which is currently in it’s 15th season (insert cheering and round of applause here!) This TV show is based on the “Arthur” book series by Marc Brown. “Arthur” is about an aardvark named Arthur and his adventures with his family and friends in Elwood City. This show is an educational show. It teaches lots of different stuff like why stealing is wrong, good manners and why you shouldn’t lie (as you can probably guess those last 2 were Tibble episodes.) Also this show did a few episodes on different physical and mental disabilities. For example “The Boy With His Head In The Clouds” was about Dyslexia and “When Carl Met George” is about Autism. My favorite character from this show is George Lundgren . He’s a dyslexic moose who shares my interest in ventrilloquism. He has a giraffe dummy that wears several red bow ties and a tuxedo named Wally. Also he’s very passionate about Autism! In my favorite episode “When Carl Met George” he befriended an autistic boy named Carl! Also in another episode which I don’t know the name of he walked all the way from Elwood City to Crown City to raise money for Autism research!

“Chowder” This is a show about a kid named Chowder (the kid in the picture) who is a chef in training. He lives with a chef named Mung , Mung’s wife Truffles  and Mungs sous chef Scnitzel . Together they have all kinds of adventures in and out of the kitchen! My favorite character is Chowder! The reason why is because he’s definately the funniest character on the show!

“My Gym Partner’s A Monkey” . This show is about a kid named Adam Lion. He went to a human school but due to a small mixup they thought he was a lion because Lion is his last name so they sent him off to Charles Darwin Middle School which is a middle school for animals. There he meets his new best friend Jake Spidermonkey  and a bunch of other talking animals too! I have 2 favorite characters Principal Pixiefrog  the school’s principal who has an imaginary friend named Nicolai (who he lost in some sort of accident (I think it was a fire)) and my 2nd favorite character is Jake. Fun fact this show actually got it’s own hour long musical episode called “Animal School Musical”! In this episode Jake finds a magic fish and wishes to live in a real live musical! Unfortunately his wish backfires on him when he realizes he can’t rhyme!

Those are all my favorite animated shows blog world! What are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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