bucket list post #5

Hey blog world! This is post #5 of my probably never ending bucket list! Enjoy!

#63 eat a big unit at Cooperstown: Cooperstown is a restaurant owned by the king of Shock Rock Alice Cooper ! The big unit is one of the signiature items on the menu! This is what it looks like! . It’s a 2 foot hot dog packed inside of an ENTIRE french baguette! it’s got chili,cheese sauce, cheddar chees, beer soaked saur kraut, tomatos, bacon and the list pretty much goes on and on! I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it though. Just in case I’ll bring a friend with me for this bucket list item!

#64 See Greg Morton live : This is Greg Morton He’s one of my favorite stand up comics! He’s super funny and does incredible star wars impressions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL5-6qK1iYs! He’s never come to Newfoundland but I’d buy tickets instantly if he ever comes!

#65 Go fishing and actually catch something: I gotta admit I’m not the worlds greatest fisherwoman. I’ve gone fishing with my Dad more times than I can count and I can’t even remember the last time I caught something! One day I hope to go fishing and actually get a bite on my rod! I’d feel so proud knowing that I actually caught one for once!

#66 sing on “Out Of The Fog”: “Out Of The Fog”  is a TV show here in Newfoundland that airs on Rogers TV. It’s got interviews, they cover lots of current events, there’s lots of cultural features and also during every show they always showcase a band, choir or singer from Newfoundland! My friend has sung on the show twice and one day I’d like to do it!

#67 see “Problem Child 3 Jr In Love”: . This is the 3rd movie in the “Problem Child” series. The name of the “Problem Child” is Jr Healy (the orange haired dude in the checkered shirt.) He’s a major mischief maker! He’s been returned to the orphanidge he lived at 26 times! Now he lives with his father Ben Healy (he had a Mom but I don’t wanna spoil the end of the 1st one so I’m not saying why he hasn’t got one anymore.) According to the title aparently in this movie Jr falls in love! Also in this movie in yet ANOTHER attempt to escape Jr Mr Peabody has changed jobs and is now Jr’s dentist (I feel so sorry for Jr in this picture!) This movie was made for TV and the only way to get it on DVD is in the Tantrum pack (that’s a box set of all 3 “Problem Child” movies) and I don’t know if it’s availlable here in NL! I hope it is though becaus this movie looks super funny and I’d love to see it someday!

#68 complete the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world: Yes blog world this puzzle does indeed live up to it’s name! There are loads and loads of pieces (probably more than 1000) and the pieces are microscopic! Also they’re all 1 color! It’s difficult but I keep on trying! One day I really wanna complete this puzzle! It may take months but I really want to finish it! If you wanna try go to www.pizmogames.com and click on the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world!

#69 be in a movie: I love watching movies blog world! One day I think it’d be awesome to be in one! If I got the chance to complete this bucket list item the type of movie I’d like to be in is an animated comedy and if I could pick who I’d be starring in the movie with I’d go with Gilbert Gottfried (obviously) , Sierra McCormic (Olive from “A.N.T Farm”) , Dan Aykroyd  and China Ann McClain !

#70 Visit Nashville: I’m a HUGE Country Music fan so that’s exactly why I want to go to Nashville! Not only is the Grand Ol Opry there but also the Country Hall Of Fame! Singing at the Grand Ol Opry and visiting the Country Hall Of Fame are both on my bucket list so I can get 3 done at once!

#71 Meet Carly Fleischmann: This is Carly . Not only is she super pretty but also we have something really special in common! We’re both autistic! There is a teeny tiny difference between the 2 of us though. I’m capable of speaking and she’s not… well not verbally at least. You see Carly speaks using her computer! She types out what she wants to say and a voice program she’s got installed on her computer will say it for her! She’s such an inspiring person for me! If she ever does a “Carly’s Voice” (that’s her new book) book tour and comes to a bookstore in Newfoundland I’d love to go there and meet her! Speaking of which her new book is called “Carly’s Voice” and I don’t know if it’s availlable yet in stores or not but keep an eye out! Also if you want more info on Carly you can like her on facebook, follow her on twitter (@Carlysvoice) (both of which I did) and also visit her website www.Carlysvoice.com!

#72 Try limes . Limes are a citrus fruit so I don’t know if they’re sour or not but they look really yummy and one day I’d really like to try one!

#73 milk a cow: I’ve seen this done before and even though it does seem kinda gross it also kinda looks like fun! It’d be really cool to try it someday!

That’s all for now blog world but like I said at the beginning my bucket list is probably never ending so keep on reading!


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