My favorite Irish songs

Hey blog world! I know St Patricks day has already come and gone but my Special Olympics team celebrated in on Tuesday by having a St Patricks day dance! The DJ played lots of my absolute favorite Irish songs! Today I’m gonna share a few of them with you.

“Twice Daily” by the Wurzles (this is actually a cover that the band Shanneyganock did of the song. I like this one better than the Wurzles version.) This is a very upbeat and dancy song about a man who went out in the garden twice daily to see a girl named Lucy Bailey. The chorus is quite confusing (because it’s mostly jibberish) but other than that this is a great song!

“The Blackbird” by the Wurzles If any of you remember my post “The Weirdest Newfie Song Ever” you’ll remember me saying that this was it. Also you’ll remember me saying that the Wurzles are a Newfoundland band. I was wrong! They are actually from England. Also I still think that this song is extremely weird but I’ve grown a liking to it! I laugh a lot when I hear it and I love to dance to it!

“McNamara From Mayo” by the McNulty Family I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this song. All that I know is that it’s about 2 guys. 1 named John James O’Hara and another named Michael McNamara. Other than that I have no clue what the songs about. Dispite that I still really enjoy this song! The beat is great and so is the music!

“The Fighting 69” by the McNulty Family This song is about a man going off to join the fighitng 69. I’m not sure what they are though. I like this song because even though it goes really fast it’s fun to sing along with!

“The Leprochaun” by the Masterless Men This is a song that’s very obviously all about a Leprochaun! I like this song because I get to learn more about them while having lots of fun and dancing! Fun fact 2 of the members of this band Dave Lush (banjo) and Bob Wiseman (guitar) work at the music school where I take my piano, clarinet, voice, and musical theatre lessons! They’re both extremely nice people!

Those are all of my favorite Irish songs blog world! What are yours? Tell me in the comments!

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