Sports Songs

Hey blog world! I’m not a very big sports fan BUT there are some sports related songs that I really really like! Here are 4 of them!

“Right Field” by Peter Paul and Mary This song is all about a kid who was awkward and slow and was always getting picked last when he played baseball therefore he’d always be playing right field because that’s the last position left. He ends up being very proud of himself around the end of the song because for once in his life he’s finally caught the ball! I love this song because it says that even if your as awkward and slow as this poor kid you can still do great things!

“The Hockey Song” by Stompin Tom Connors This song is basically Hockey’s national anthem! They play this song at pretty much every single hockey game! It’s such a great song that celebrates one of the greatest sports ever (no offense other sports!)

“The Greatest” by Kenny Rogers Here we have yet another baseball song. This one is about a little boy who attempts to hit the ball but doesn’t succeed. He doesn’t care though! He still has a big smile on his face and thinks he’s the greatest! Even after he gets 3 strikes he’s still super happy and still thinks he’s the greatest! I love this little kids enthusiasm!

“Shinny On The Ice” by Buddy Wassisname and the Other Fellers This is yet another hockey song. It’s about all the fun they had playing shinny on the ice. It’s also about all the people on their hockey team like Rolly the six foot two goalie, Ralphie the poor kid who could only go straight on his skates because he had no idea how to turn and Bert the referee who made up all the rules but was completely ignored by the other players!

What are your favorite sports songs blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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