Spirit Week

Hey blog world! How many of you have had spirit week at your school this week? I did! It was so much fun! Every day was a different theme day. Monday was crazy hair and hat day. I was gonna wear this really pretty white, purple and pink hat that I had decorated with ribbons and lots of other stuff but I completely forgot about it! One of my friends in my class definately had the craziest hair because last Friday he had shaved for the brave and then on Monday morning he dyed what he had left (not very much) pink and purple! It was awesome! Tuesday was retro day so I wore the tye dyed T shirt with dancing moose on it that I got at the Cool As A Moose store in Quebec and I also wore both the cross necklaces (and no I didn’t use rosary beads) I made with multicolored beads (and of course crosses) at VBS! On Wednesday it was supposed to be twin day and I was gonna be twins with my Boyfriend Kyle but there was a snowstorm so we had no school! Yesterday was summer day so I wore a short sleeve shirt a sweater and a pair of shorts. It was super freezing that day so I wore a pair of pants over it and changed when I got in school. I unfortunately had to make the trip home in my shorts because I had no time to change back into my pants! Oh well at least it had warmed up a tiny bit! Today was the most fun day of all! Not only was it school colors (blue and yellow) day but also we had a pancake breakfast in the morning (which was super yummy!) After that we went into the gym and listened to the schools rock band playing! They played lots of awesome songs like “Baracuda” by Heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4nWy8pmIM4, “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOg_qF9GQUM and “Tribute” by Tenacious D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lK4cX5xGiQ&ob=av2e (they were incredible playing this one!) Also today we got to go either bowling or skating. I chose to go bowling because I was afraid I’d embarrass myself skating because I’m terrible at it! I fall down at least every 5 seconds! It’s not pretty! I was on a team with my boyfriend and 4 other guys. I had the highest score of all! I even got 2 strikes in a row! After our bowling we had lunch and after that we all went into the gym to play a few games. To play these games you’d need to buy a ticket because they were drawing ticket numbers and if yours was called you’d get to play. I didn’t have the money to buy any so my wonderful boyfriend loaned me 2 of his! Both of them were called! The 1st game that I played was one where I had to take pieces of paper and scrunch them up into balls and using a rubber band attached to a chair I had to fling the paper ball at a table and if 1 landed on it I won! That wasn’t very easy at all! Some of them got some great distance but I ended up accidentaly firing at least half of them at myself! The other game that my ticket was called for was a game that once again involved rubber bands. For this game I had to use my thumbs to fling the rubber bands at a pyramid of cans (in the pale moonlight LOL! (I just made an Alan Jackson pun! Get it?)) Whoever knocked down all the cans 1st was the winner. I wasn’t very good at this game either! Once again I got some great distance but I didn’t knock a single one down! I didn’t even touch the cans at all! One of the things that stunk the most about this game was that I was competing against my boyfriend! Thankfully we both lost! Not only did we play a few games but we also got to pie the teachers (unfortunately this was once again a ticket holder only event and I didn’t get any tickets for that). Even though I didn’t get to pie any of them I still had a great time watching them get pied! I had an amazing spirit week this week and am actually quite sad that it’s over! Did you have spirit week this week blog world? If you did tell me what your favorite part about it was in the comments section! Bye for now blog world!


One thought on “Spirit Week

  1. I’m just hoping that in a hypothetical universe, in which you got to go up and pie the teacher, you wouldn’t choose My Science or English teacher. I’ve got a bone to pick with my Social Studies teacher, though, so I would encourage you to do him instead!

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