DVD Games

Hey blog world! I absolutely LOVE playing board games! There are some board games that have now come out on DVD so you can play them on your television. There are some that I love and some not so much. One of my favorite DVD games is “Disney Scene It” . This is a trivia game. In this game you have to watch clips of different disney movies (like “Lilo and Stitch”, “The Lion King” and “Toy Story”) and answer questions. Also you have to solve some on screen puzzles as well. It’s difficult (especially when the question involves a movie I’ve never seen) but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun! Another DVD game that I own is “Clue” . This game is fun but I prefer the actual board game to the DVD version. The reason why is because the DVD version takes a heck of a lot longer because on the DVD game it takes a long time to make accusations (in my house usually 5 minutes) and in the actual board game it takes about 3.5 seconds. Also we can roam around anywhere in the actual board game and in the DVD version we have to start the game with some areas blocked off and also in the DVD version there are 10 cases (I think) that you can choose from and it’s the same criminal everytime! In the actual board game it’s someone different each time you play! I’m not sure where it is now but I also have the DVD game “Fact Or Fishy” . Even though it was Spongebob I didn’t like this game! I found it way too hard! The rules were way too complicated for me to understand! Do you own any DVD board games blog world? Tell me what your favorite one (or ones) are in the comments!


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