talking animal movies

Hey blog world! I love talking animals! They’re so cool! Today I’m gonna share with you some of my favorite movies with talking animals in them!

“Jack and the Beanstalk” This movie is a live action version of the fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”. It’s really funny! The name of the talking animal in this movie is Greyson  (he’s the dude on the right with the big white feathery hand.) He’s played by Gilbert Gottfried . Greyson is Jack’s pet goose. The day that Jack brought home the magic beans and threw them on the ground Greyson ate one and moments later turned into half human half goose (he’s still a goose but he got a human head and opposable thumbs.) He’s my favorite character in the movie because he’s so funny! My favorite part of this movie is when Greyson sings “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”!

“The Muppets Christmas Carol” Who doesn’t love the Muppets? They’re the most hillarious puppets ever (right next to Jeff Dunham’s puppets!) This is my most favorite Muppet movie ever! I love the original version of “A Christmas Carol” but the Muppets version is way better! My favorite character in this movie is Gonzo . I’m not entirely sure what he is but he’s really funny! The role he plays in this movie is Charles Dickens! This movie has lots of songs in it and my 2 favorites are “Scrooge” and “Bless Us All”

“Chicken Little” I can’t remember how old I turned that day but I remember that I had one of my birthday parties at the theater and we saw this movie! It’s so funny! This movie is also based on a fairy tale. In this movie Chicken Little (the chicken on the poster sitting on the egg) is being ridiculed by his entire town because once an acorn fell on his head and he thought the sky was falling. Months later he actually sees the sky falling this time and because of the previous time everyone still thinks he’s a complete idiot. With the help of his friends Abby (a duck), Runt of the litter (a pig) and Fish out of water (the fish wearing the deep sea divers helmet on the poster) he must proove to the town that the sky did indeed fall!

“Homeward Bound 2 Lost in San Francisco”  . This is the sequel to the movie “Homeward Bound”. In this movie 2 dogs Chance (the white one) and Shadow (the brown one) and a cat named Sassy are gone on vacation to San Francisco with their owners and Chance gets them lost. It’s up to all 3 of them to find their way back home to their owners. This movie is super hillarious! My favorite part is when Chance knocks the laundry basket onto Sassy!

“Cats and Dogs 2 Revenge of Kitty Galore” This is the sequel to the movie “Cats and Dogs” (in my opinion the 2nd one was way better!) In this movie a secret agent dog, cat and pigeon ( I forget all their names) try to stop the evil kitty galore from sounding off the “Call of the wild”. It’s some kind of noise that only dogs can hear and I quote “once the dogs go WOO HOO cats will take over the world”. I’m not entirely sure if that’s what Kitty Galore said exactly but I do know the WOO HOO part is right! Anyways My favorite part in this movie is when they find a blueprint for a huge satelite dish that belongs to Kitty Galore and the pigeon says “She’s trying to get free HBO!”

The final movie I’m gonna talk about is called “Underdog” This movie is based on the cartoon series “Underdog”. In this movie Jason Lee plays a dog named Shoeshine. In the lab of Dr Simon Barsinister he has an accident and gains super powers thus becoming the superhero Underdog and saving the town! My favorite part in this movie actually was in the blooper reel. Jason was trying to say the line “Never fear Underdog is here” by by mistake he said “Never fear Underwear is here”! That was HILLARIOUS!

What’s your favorite talking animal movie blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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