Servers retreats

Hey blog world! How many of you are servers at your church? I’m one and I love it! I feel really special because I get to bring up the gifts, light the candles (although I can never get the lighter to work LOL) and sometimes I get to lead the younger kids to Sunday School! At my church sometimes our Reverand organizes servers retreats. A servers retreat is when all the servers get together for a weekend at the Lavrock center and we have an awesome time! We get to play all kinds of really fun games like a few years ago we played a game where we had to blow a bubble and then using only our breath we had to get it through the hoop on the other side of the room. Also last year our Reverand set up a HUGE blue tarp outside and covered it with water and Sunlight (and by Sunlight I mean the dish detergent brand ) and then we all had to take off our socks and do the limbo on the tarp! I had a lot of fun but I was so afraid I may slip or go a little too low and hurt myself! Thankfully I didn’t! We also have lots of wacky contests as well! At the last Servers retreat that I attended we had a water drinking contest! We each got a bottle of water and a ridiculously long straw and were given 1 minute to drink as much water as possible! I can’t remember who won but I know it wasn’t me! Also a few years ago we had a contest where we got into groups and each group had to pick a person to decorate using tin foil, toilet paper and toilet paper rolls. I was the person that got picked and my team decided to decorate me as the statue of liberty. As soon as they were finished I could barely walk let alone feel my legs! At least I had fun being turned into the statue of liberty and also we won 2nd place so that wasn’t too bad (1st place was awarded to the group who decorated their person as Lady Gaga.) At servers retreats we also have campfires where we roast marshmellows. Also we have hymn sings as well (a hymn sing is basically a church hymn sing along.) In fact that’s where the “American Idol” version of “This Is The Day” was created (for more info on that please read my “American Idol” blog post!) Also at most of our servers retreats we get to have a talent show! At the last servers retreat for the talent show I played “Coat Of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton on the piano and I sang “I’m A Survivor” by Reba McCentire Also we get awards on the very last day! Last year I got the chipper award (my trophy was a plastic squirrel with a hole in it’s butt LOL! It was really cute (accept for the hole!)) A few years ago my award was the riddler because I kept asking people riddles! My trophy was a small little stuffed blue donkey. If your a server at your church you should totally ask your Reverand about organizing a Servers retreat. If your not a Server BECOME ONE! It’s a great experience! Have you ever gone to a Servers retreat blog world? Tell me your favorite part about it in the comments!


animated shows

Hey blog world! I watch a whole lot of TV and some of my favorite shows are animated ones! Today I’m gonna share with you some of my favorite animated shows! I’ll even post the theme songs!

“Almost Naked Animals” This show is HILLARIOUS! It’s all about a bunch of animals who wear nothing but underpants (and also some (but not all) of the female animals like Sloth  for example wear a bra). These animals run a hotel called the Banana Cabanna. My favorite of the Almost Naked Animals are Duck  the handy animal of the hotel who lives in a supply closet, Piggy  the hotel chef who is also trained in Ninjitsu and also spent some time as a porkette (a group of interpretive pig dancers.) and I also really like Howie  the hotel manager who is obsessed with stuntman Dirk Dangerfield (the buck toothed dude in the white helmet on the green poster on Howie’s wall) and wants to be just like him! My favorite quote from this show is from Duck. It comes from a recent episode called “Octo Vs Batty”. That quote is “This water hurts my body!” I couldn’t help but LOL when Duck said that! The reason why Duck said this is becuase Batty (one of the villains of the show) had filled the Banana Cabana’s pool with lava instead of water and Duck dived right in!

“Cyberchase” This show is about Inez (the one with the glasses), Matt (the one in the green shirt) and Jackie (the one with the red necklace). They venture into Cyberspace and along with their friend Digit (the purple bird with the red ball cap on backwards) they help Motherboard  (the ruler of Cyberspace who Hacker had infected with a virus) by using their math skills to thwart the plans of the evil Hacker  who wants to take over Cyberspace! Also at the end of each episode they do a 6 minute segment called “Cyberchase For Real” where either Bianca  or Harry  or both show us ways that math can be used in the real world! I love this show because for 1 thing I suck at math so this show is my absolute savior and also it’s super funny! Digit is definately my favorite character!

“Arthur” This is a show on PBS which is currently in it’s 15th season (insert cheering and round of applause here!) This TV show is based on the “Arthur” book series by Marc Brown. “Arthur” is about an aardvark named Arthur and his adventures with his family and friends in Elwood City. This show is an educational show. It teaches lots of different stuff like why stealing is wrong, good manners and why you shouldn’t lie (as you can probably guess those last 2 were Tibble episodes.) Also this show did a few episodes on different physical and mental disabilities. For example “The Boy With His Head In The Clouds” was about Dyslexia and “When Carl Met George” is about Autism. My favorite character from this show is George Lundgren . He’s a dyslexic moose who shares my interest in ventrilloquism. He has a giraffe dummy that wears several red bow ties and a tuxedo named Wally. Also he’s very passionate about Autism! In my favorite episode “When Carl Met George” he befriended an autistic boy named Carl! Also in another episode which I don’t know the name of he walked all the way from Elwood City to Crown City to raise money for Autism research!

“Chowder” This is a show about a kid named Chowder (the kid in the picture) who is a chef in training. He lives with a chef named Mung , Mung’s wife Truffles  and Mungs sous chef Scnitzel . Together they have all kinds of adventures in and out of the kitchen! My favorite character is Chowder! The reason why is because he’s definately the funniest character on the show!

“My Gym Partner’s A Monkey” . This show is about a kid named Adam Lion. He went to a human school but due to a small mixup they thought he was a lion because Lion is his last name so they sent him off to Charles Darwin Middle School which is a middle school for animals. There he meets his new best friend Jake Spidermonkey  and a bunch of other talking animals too! I have 2 favorite characters Principal Pixiefrog  the school’s principal who has an imaginary friend named Nicolai (who he lost in some sort of accident (I think it was a fire)) and my 2nd favorite character is Jake. Fun fact this show actually got it’s own hour long musical episode called “Animal School Musical”! In this episode Jake finds a magic fish and wishes to live in a real live musical! Unfortunately his wish backfires on him when he realizes he can’t rhyme!

Those are all my favorite animated shows blog world! What are yours? Tell me in the comments!

bucket list post #5

Hey blog world! This is post #5 of my probably never ending bucket list! Enjoy!

#63 eat a big unit at Cooperstown: Cooperstown is a restaurant owned by the king of Shock Rock Alice Cooper ! The big unit is one of the signiature items on the menu! This is what it looks like! . It’s a 2 foot hot dog packed inside of an ENTIRE french baguette! it’s got chili,cheese sauce, cheddar chees, beer soaked saur kraut, tomatos, bacon and the list pretty much goes on and on! I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it though. Just in case I’ll bring a friend with me for this bucket list item!

#64 See Greg Morton live : This is Greg Morton He’s one of my favorite stand up comics! He’s super funny and does incredible star wars impressions! He’s never come to Newfoundland but I’d buy tickets instantly if he ever comes!

#65 Go fishing and actually catch something: I gotta admit I’m not the worlds greatest fisherwoman. I’ve gone fishing with my Dad more times than I can count and I can’t even remember the last time I caught something! One day I hope to go fishing and actually get a bite on my rod! I’d feel so proud knowing that I actually caught one for once!

#66 sing on “Out Of The Fog”: “Out Of The Fog”  is a TV show here in Newfoundland that airs on Rogers TV. It’s got interviews, they cover lots of current events, there’s lots of cultural features and also during every show they always showcase a band, choir or singer from Newfoundland! My friend has sung on the show twice and one day I’d like to do it!

#67 see “Problem Child 3 Jr In Love”: . This is the 3rd movie in the “Problem Child” series. The name of the “Problem Child” is Jr Healy (the orange haired dude in the checkered shirt.) He’s a major mischief maker! He’s been returned to the orphanidge he lived at 26 times! Now he lives with his father Ben Healy (he had a Mom but I don’t wanna spoil the end of the 1st one so I’m not saying why he hasn’t got one anymore.) According to the title aparently in this movie Jr falls in love! Also in this movie in yet ANOTHER attempt to escape Jr Mr Peabody has changed jobs and is now Jr’s dentist (I feel so sorry for Jr in this picture!) This movie was made for TV and the only way to get it on DVD is in the Tantrum pack (that’s a box set of all 3 “Problem Child” movies) and I don’t know if it’s availlable here in NL! I hope it is though becaus this movie looks super funny and I’d love to see it someday!

#68 complete the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world: Yes blog world this puzzle does indeed live up to it’s name! There are loads and loads of pieces (probably more than 1000) and the pieces are microscopic! Also they’re all 1 color! It’s difficult but I keep on trying! One day I really wanna complete this puzzle! It may take months but I really want to finish it! If you wanna try go to and click on the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world!

#69 be in a movie: I love watching movies blog world! One day I think it’d be awesome to be in one! If I got the chance to complete this bucket list item the type of movie I’d like to be in is an animated comedy and if I could pick who I’d be starring in the movie with I’d go with Gilbert Gottfried (obviously) , Sierra McCormic (Olive from “A.N.T Farm”) , Dan Aykroyd  and China Ann McClain !

#70 Visit Nashville: I’m a HUGE Country Music fan so that’s exactly why I want to go to Nashville! Not only is the Grand Ol Opry there but also the Country Hall Of Fame! Singing at the Grand Ol Opry and visiting the Country Hall Of Fame are both on my bucket list so I can get 3 done at once!

#71 Meet Carly Fleischmann: This is Carly . Not only is she super pretty but also we have something really special in common! We’re both autistic! There is a teeny tiny difference between the 2 of us though. I’m capable of speaking and she’s not… well not verbally at least. You see Carly speaks using her computer! She types out what she wants to say and a voice program she’s got installed on her computer will say it for her! She’s such an inspiring person for me! If she ever does a “Carly’s Voice” (that’s her new book) book tour and comes to a bookstore in Newfoundland I’d love to go there and meet her! Speaking of which her new book is called “Carly’s Voice” and I don’t know if it’s availlable yet in stores or not but keep an eye out! Also if you want more info on Carly you can like her on facebook, follow her on twitter (@Carlysvoice) (both of which I did) and also visit her website!

#72 Try limes . Limes are a citrus fruit so I don’t know if they’re sour or not but they look really yummy and one day I’d really like to try one!

#73 milk a cow: I’ve seen this done before and even though it does seem kinda gross it also kinda looks like fun! It’d be really cool to try it someday!

That’s all for now blog world but like I said at the beginning my bucket list is probably never ending so keep on reading!

celebrities I’d like to shake hands with part 2

Hey blog world! This is part 2 of my post “Celebrities I’d Like To Shake Hands With”! Enjoy!

Ty Pennington (host of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”) . I’d like to shake hands with Ty because he’s such an amazing person! He (and the rest of his team) demolish houses of deserving families and build them new ones completely from scratch and they ask for absolutely NOTHING in return! Doing this makes Ty such an inspiration for me! I’d love to get to meet him and shake his hand one day!

The Duggar family (reality TV stars) . As you can tell by the picture the Duggar family are the stars of the reality TV program “19 Kids & Counting” on TLC. I love their show! It’s funny, sad (at times) and I’ve learned a few lessons from it as well. I know it’d be a lot of hands to shake but still I’d love to one day shake hands with the Duggars (especially adorable little Josie !)

Buddy Valestro (baker and star of “Cake Boss” and “Next Great Baker”) . He’s one of my favorite bakers! The cakes he bake look amazing (in fact having him bake me a birthday cake is on my bucket list!) I’d be super cool to shake hands with him (and maybe even help bake a cake) someday!

Peanut (one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets) . Peanut is my favorite Jeff Dunham (or Jeff fa fa Dunham as he pronounces it) puppet! He’s cute, funny and my favorite color (purple)! I sure hope that Jeff comes to Newfoundland someday because that means I just may get my chance at shaking hands with (or probably even hugging) Peanut!

Dr Drew Ordon (plastic surgeon, co host of “The Doctors”) . If you’ve read the post “My Favorite TV Show” you’ll know that my favorite TV show is “The Doctors”. If you haven’t read the post you know now! Anyways Dr Ordon is one of the doctors on that show. He’s my favorite one (no offense Travis, Jim and Lisa) and I’d love to shake his hand someday! I like him because he’s funny, he’s nice and also extremely brave! He’s the only person I know that’s brave enough to eat not only a bug buffet but also octopus tentacles! He definately earns a perfect 10 on my bravery scale for doing those things! Another reason why I like him is because he really appreciates his fans. He has a twitter account (@DrAndrewOrdon) and he always replies back to his fans whenever they tweet him! I love getting replies back from him! It makes my day 1000 times more awesome!

RuPaul (drag queen) . RuPaul is one of my absolute favorite drag queens! He always looks super stunning, is an amazing singer and is overflowing with charisma, uniquness, nerve and talent! Also he’s a real inspiration for me because he’s not afraid to do what he loves best!

Alice Cooper (rock star) . Alice Cooper is the KING of shock rock! he’s such an amazing singer and puts off an incredible live show! I saw him before in concert and unfortunatley I didn’t get to meet him and shake his hand but one day I want to! Also one day I’d like to go to chicago and eat a big unit  at his restaurant called Cooperstown. I saw this on “Man VS Food” and it loooks so yummy!

Gilbert Gottfried (actor, comedian and author) . I know I’ve been blogging about Gilbert in almost every single one of my posts recently but what’s one more! I’d like to shake hands with Gilbert because he’s one of my favorite actors! He’s super duper funny! My favorite Gilbert Gottfried role is hands down Mr Peabody from “Problem Child” . Mr Peabody is kinda like Odd Job Jack because in every episode of “Odd Job Jack” Jack had a brand new job. In every problem child movie (there were 3) Mr Peabody had a brand new job. The reason why he kept switching was to try and get away from Jr but unfortunately for him he failed each time. In the 1st movie he was the owner of the orphanidge where Jr lived (and was returned back to 26 times), in “Problem Child 2” he was the principal of Mort Ville elementary where Jr had been enrolled (to try and get rid of him quicker he moved him from 3rd to 6th grade) and in “Problem Child 3” (which was only made for TV so I haven’t seen it) Mr Peabody was Jr’s dentist (and to get revenge on Jr he tried giving him braces (weather or not he succeeded I don’t know.)

Dave Coulier (actor, recording artist and comedian) . I’d like to shake hands with Dave because he’s also one of my favorite actors! My favorite one of Dave’s roles was definately Joey Gladstone from “Full House”! Check out this video of my favorite Joey moment from the show! Little known fact Dave has also released 2 CD’s! He created a character named Weaver Beaver and Weaver, Dave and lots of other forest animals like Wally Warewolf, Fred Frog and Darryl Duck work together at the FBS (Forest Broadcasting Studio) and that’s what both these CD’s are about. The 1st one they released is called “Songs In The Key Of Beaver” . On this CD there’s lots of great songs (several of which are educational) like “Frogville”, “Ants In Your Pants” and I can’t remember the name of it but there was another song on the CD that I really liked and it was about lying! The other CD they’ve released is actually a musical storybook. It’s called “The Story Of The Forest National Anthem” . This CD tells the story of how Weaver (the beaver in the blue jacket, red tie and yellow shirt) wrote the forests national anthem. Some of my favorite songs on this CD are “Average Guy” (sung by Dave), and “Reggae Moose” (sung by Matthew Moose (the moose with the giant antlers holding onto Dave’s head.)

Which celebrities do you want to shake hands with blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Safety Mascots

Hey blog world! Through the years dozens of characters have been appearing on our TV and computer screens (Rod Stickman is currently only on youtube and trying to teach us a little about safety. Some were annoying, some were creepy and several were quite awesome! Here are a few of my favorites!

Rod Stickman . You may recognise Rod from signs you see pretty much everyday! Now he’s left the street signs and began a partnership with Safe Work NL. He’s made a series of videos all about safety in the workplace. They’re both funny and very educational! Take a look at his video on slips and falls!

Louie the Lighning Bug . This half bug half lightbulb is the mascot for Newfoundland Power! He’s made a series of PSA’s for kids about playing safe around electricity. Here’s my favorite Louie commercial about power lines!! Even though I’m not a big blues fan I still love this commercial because it’s got a catchy tune and Louie’s a pretty good singer!

Bert and Gert . These guys were from the series of PSA’s called “Stay Alert Stay Safe”. They’re about all kinds of different topics like stranger danger and what and what not to do when your home alone. I think they had something to do with the police because at the end of each and every PSA it’d say “For more information ask your local police department”. Anyways I remember when I was super young I got up super early on Saturday mornings to watch “Inspector Gadget”, “Prairie Berry Pie” and “Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat” on NTV and I’d get so excited whenever Bert and Gert came on! Here’s one of their PSA’s enjoy!

McGruff the Crime Dog . The mission of this trenchcoat wearing bloodhound was to “Take a bite outta crime” (as you can guess by the quotation marks that’s his catchphrase.) He made several PSA’s (I’ve only seen 1 and I can’t find it on youtube) about things like bullying, drugs and kidnapping. McGruff is so awesome!

Smokey the Bear . Ever heard the song “Only You” by the Platters Well if they changed it from a love song to a forest fire prevention song but kept the title it’d pretty much be Smokey’s anthem! You see Only You is basically his catchphrase. What he means by Only You is “Only you can prevent forest fires”. He’s super duper passionate about protecting his home! Unfortunately his hatred for fire has backfired on him once. It was his 50th birthday and all the animals had thrown him a HUGE party in the forest! They baked a cake and lit a bunch of candles. The animals broght Smokey over to the party in a blindfold and when he smelled the smoke he picked up the nearest shovel and POUNDED the cake to smithereens! When he opened the blindfold and seen what he had done he and the other forest animals (and myself) burst out laughing LOL! By the way this story actually happened in a Smokey PSA. I can’t find that one online but I can find this one. It’s called Smokey N’ Da Boyz. In this PSA Smokey and a bunch of forest animals are doing a rap. The name of the rap group is a very failed attempt at making themselves sound cool but at least the rap is catchy!

 Seymour Smoke Detector (I couldn’t find his image online). Played by Gilbert Gottfried  (probably the most blogged about person on this blog) Seymour is a talking smoke detector and he tells us all about himself and what he does to help us. He’s the coolest smoke detector ever! I totally wish he were real and I had him installed in my house because 1 I’d have Gilbert Gottfreid keeping me safe and 2 I’d get to have conversations with him! It’d be awesome! Here’s a video of his PSA!!

Ticker Tom . This former bad boy is now on a mission to teach kids about staying healthy and not smoking! In case your wondering what I mean by former bad boy “Ticker Tom was an alley cat who was bad and mean and such a brat”. That quote by the way is from the poem “The Tale Of Ticker Tom” which is a poem about his life. Not only all of that but also Ticker Tom ate terribly and smoked. He decided to change his ways when he (here’s another quote) “Got into a fight with Tiger Ted, lost his breathe nearly dropped dead”. After that he (quote #3) “Quit the smokes, jogged every day ,ate healthy food”. Ticker doesn’t have any PSA’s at all BUT he does go around to summer camps with a representative from the Teen Tobacco Team (I think they created him but I’m not sure) and the rep recites the poem “The Tale Of Ticker Tom” and we talk a little about healthy living and we even play games! I remember last time I had a Ticker Tom presentation I was at Adventure camp and we were having a relay race. I was running so fast that I managed to accidentaly do a 3rd base slide and thankfully I managed to stop but I was super close to sliding right into Ticker and taking him down with me LOL! If your going to summer camp this summer I strongly reccommend either Camp Kaleidoscope or Adventure Camp because Ticker pays visits to both! You’ll love his presentation because it’s super fun! Ticker Tom is a real cool cat!

Who’s your favorite safety mascot blog world? Tell me in the comments!

My favorite Irish songs

Hey blog world! I know St Patricks day has already come and gone but my Special Olympics team celebrated in on Tuesday by having a St Patricks day dance! The DJ played lots of my absolute favorite Irish songs! Today I’m gonna share a few of them with you.

“Twice Daily” by the Wurzles (this is actually a cover that the band Shanneyganock did of the song. I like this one better than the Wurzles version.) This is a very upbeat and dancy song about a man who went out in the garden twice daily to see a girl named Lucy Bailey. The chorus is quite confusing (because it’s mostly jibberish) but other than that this is a great song!

“The Blackbird” by the Wurzles If any of you remember my post “The Weirdest Newfie Song Ever” you’ll remember me saying that this was it. Also you’ll remember me saying that the Wurzles are a Newfoundland band. I was wrong! They are actually from England. Also I still think that this song is extremely weird but I’ve grown a liking to it! I laugh a lot when I hear it and I love to dance to it!

“McNamara From Mayo” by the McNulty Family I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this song. All that I know is that it’s about 2 guys. 1 named John James O’Hara and another named Michael McNamara. Other than that I have no clue what the songs about. Dispite that I still really enjoy this song! The beat is great and so is the music!

“The Fighting 69” by the McNulty Family This song is about a man going off to join the fighitng 69. I’m not sure what they are though. I like this song because even though it goes really fast it’s fun to sing along with!

“The Leprochaun” by the Masterless Men This is a song that’s very obviously all about a Leprochaun! I like this song because I get to learn more about them while having lots of fun and dancing! Fun fact 2 of the members of this band Dave Lush (banjo) and Bob Wiseman (guitar) work at the music school where I take my piano, clarinet, voice, and musical theatre lessons! They’re both extremely nice people!

Those are all of my favorite Irish songs blog world! What are yours? Tell me in the comments!

4th Bucket List post

Hey blog world! Welcome to my 4th bucket list post (and I can guarantee you this won’t be the last!) Enjoy! (To read the rest of my bucket list check out the posts “Bucket List”, “Bucket List Continued” and “Even More Bucket List”!)

#53 Meet Gilbert Gottfried and get his autograph: In my autograph book I have autographs from loads of awesome celebrities like Elton John and Alice Cooper. One day I hope to get the autograph of someone even awesomer! Gilbert Gottfried! He’s my absolute favorite actor! He’s Digit from “Cyberchase” , Greyson from “Jack and the Beanstalk”  and he was even the AFLAC Duck ! I would love to meet him and get his autograph one day!

#54 play golf: I’m a very avid mini golfer! It’s so much fun! Even though I love playing mini golf one of these days I’d like to try playing actual golf. So far I’ve only played it on the Wii and it seems like it could be so much fun in real life!

#55 Appear on “Dragons Den”: “Dragons Den”  is a show on CBC where people who have invented things show it off to the Dragons. The Dragons are a group of 6 buisness moguls and it’s up to them to decide weather or not they like this invention and if they like it they’ll invest in your product and it’ll get put on the market!  It seems to me that this is the only way for me to get my product the golfing rod noticed by the public! I hope the Dragons like it because I really wanna sell my invention called the golfing rod (a golf ball attached to a fishing rod) to people! Not only will I be getting money but my invention will help a lot of people too!

#56 Make a music video: I’ve been working on writing a lot of songs and one day I hope to make a music video for one (or all) of them! It’d be so cool to have my music video featured on TV and on youtube!

#57 Perform stand up comedy in front of an audience: I’m a HUGE “Just For Laughs” fan! When I watch the show it seems like the comics are always having such a blast telling their jokes to an audience! I’d love to try that someday! I love making people laugh and I think stand up would be a great way to do it! I’m not sure weather I’d write funny songs like Otis Lee Crenshaw  or tell jokes about my life like Christopher Titus  but whatever I do I know I’ll be super funny!

#58 See “Rent” live: I love the movie so I really wanna see it live! I would have gone to see this when it came to Newfoundland but I didn’t even know that it was here! They didn’t put up posters or talk about it on the radio or anything! Also Mom was told by a coworker that it was extremely controversial and since I was in grade 8 at the time she didn’t think it’d be a good idea for me to go so she said I couldn’t. “Rent”  is a musical about a group of bohemian friends who are quote “Living in America at the end of the milenium” (I’m not sure if it’s actually takikng place at the end of the milenium but since Mark sang that line in “What You Own” it must be true!) As I said before it’s extremely controversial because it deals with a lot of topics which I’m not entirely sure I should mention here. My 3 favorite songs from this musical are “Light My Candle” which is a duet sung by Roger and Mimi when Mimi comes to Rogers to borrow his lighter so she can light her candle, “Tango Maureen” This is a duet sung by Mark and Joanne. In this song Mark is warning Joanne about the so called “Tango Maureen”. My favorite part in this song is definately the part when Mark says “Say something anything!” then Joanne goes “Test 123” then Mark says “Anything but that!” I can’t help but LOL at that part! My 3rd favorite song in “Rent” is “La Vie Bohemme”. I’m not sure how to explain this song so just listen (by the way in case your wondering why I didn’t use the live version fron the musical let me put it this way. If you have younger kids in the room while your reading this you’ll thank me!)

#59 make my own build a bear: I’ve seen countless “Build A Bear Workshop” stores all over and I’ve never gotten the chance to go inside or even make one! I think it’d be really neat to make my own stuffed animal so I’d love to try it someday!

#60 visit a zoo: Not once in my lifetime have I ever been to a zoo. After seeing movies like “Zookeeper”  and “We Bought A Zoo”  I knew I’d want to visit the zoo! It seems like such a cool place! Also I’d get to meet all kinds of cool animals and even complete #24 on my list (meet a giraffe) so it’d be a 2 for 1 experience!

#60 be a voice actor: I love animated shows and movies! For those types of movies and TV shows they don’t use real people. They use people called voice actors. A voice actor doesn’t appear on screen but you can still hear his voice! Take Digit  for example. Like I said earlier Gilbert Gottfried is his voice. You never see Gilbert on the screen but you see Digit’s mouth move with Gilberts voice coming out of it! Also sometimes if Gilbert does an action when he says his line Digit might do it too!  I’d love to be a guest star on an animated show and do voice acting for the very 1st time! It’d be so cool! I’d love to co star with Gilbert in an episode of “Cyberchase” but unfortunately since it was cancelled my 2nd choice would be “Almost Naked Animals” ! If I ever did get my chance to be a voice actor on an episode of this show my favorite character is Duck  so maybe I could play his love interest!

#61 Try starfruit: Starfruit is a kind of fruit that I’ve seen in the grocery store and have always wanted to try! It looks so yummy! I’d love to try one someday and see what they taste like!

#62 attend the KCA’s: The KCA’s stand for Kids Choice Awards. They are an anual awards show broadcast on Nickelodian. They let kids vote on all different kinds of stuff. Some of the categories are favorite TV show, favorite buttkicker, favorite song, favorite animated movie and favorite reality series. I’ve been watching the KCA’s every year for as long as I can remember and I love it! Just watching it is definately not enough for me though. I wanna get the full KCA experience! I wanna see them live! Sure I’ll risk being slimed but at least it’ll be fun!

That’s all for now blog world! I’ll be posting lots of new stuff everyday so keep on reading!