Do It Yourself Cabin Party

Hey blog world! On Saturday nights VOCM always has their Cabin Party. Unfortunately I was in Quebec that night and had to miss it. Or so I thought. Halfway through the day I came up with a super brilliant idea! I was gonna make my own Cabin Party! It worked really well! If you wanna do it to here’s how! (Your gonna need an iPod for this. It will also work with an iPhone and iPod touch but I’m not sure how to do it on those.)

Step 1: Find a classic country song on your iPod (i.e a song by Porter Wagoner, Tom T Hall, Loretta Lynn or Donna Fargo etc…)

Step 2: Hold down the middle button of the iPod

Step 3: When a menu comes up go to “Add To On The Go” and then hit the middle button again.

Step 4: Go to the “On The Go” playlist and make sure the song is there (and make sure the song isn’t there twice).

Step 5: repeat the process over again with all the classic country songs on your iPod

Step 6: Go to the “On The Go” playlist and begin enjoying your homemade cabin party!

Bye for now everyone!



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