Hey blog world! I just got home last night from a trip to Quebec with my school! I had such a great time! I had to get up at 2:30 Newfoundland time and be at the airport at 4:00 so I could catch the plane but the early rise was totally worth it! We flew on an Air Canada plane and there were TV’s in it! I watched all kinds of cool shows like “Almost Naked Animals”,”Splatalot”,”The Ron James Show”,”George Shrinks”,”Timothy Goes To School” and I even watched part of the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (I didn’t get to finish it because the plane had landed). Once we landed we saw a huge statue of Bonhomme Carnaval in the airport (Bonhomme Carnaval is the embassador of the Carnaval du Quebec) and we took a bunch of solo and group photo’s next to it. Then we met Bernard the man who would be driving us all around Quebec. I can’t remember what we did after that but I do remember sometime later on that day we went on a walking tour of Quebec. It was about an hour or so and I was super tired! Thankfully right after that we had our dinner at a lovely restaurant. I can’t remember it’s name but I remember that for our appetizer we had cabbage soup (which was disgusting) and for my dinner I had spaghetti and garlic bread. That was delicious! For desert I had a fruit salad! Then we went to our hotel. We stayed at the Delta. It was so pretty! The beds and pillows were soft as clouds! The best part of our room was definately the TV set! We got all kinds of great stations like NBC, ABC, Global and one of the cool things is that I found TLC in the channel guide but when I turned it on it turned out to be CNN! When I found that out I was so happy because I knew that if we got back to the hotel in time I’d get to watch “Piers Morgan Tonight”! I can’t quite remember much else about that day. I do remember though we had our breakfast at another restaurant (who’s name I also forget. I do know that it had Montmorency in the name). It was a buffet. There was berries, toast, eggs, ham, bacon and hashbrowns! After breakfast we got to see les Chute Montmorency. It was beautiful! It was much bigger than Niagra Falls (so don’t go down it in a barrel!) I’m not sure if it was Tuesday that we went or not but I do remember going to a place called Villages Valcartier. That was a huge sliding park! There were hills you could go down in giant innertubes! It was so much fun! One of the most humiliating parts was that to get up the hills they had these innertubes attached to a hook attached to a motor and they’d bring you up the hill. You had to land in them to get on. It took me at least 47 tries each time to get on! I kept completely missing and landing on the ground and also a few times I bounced off the innertube and hit the ground! When I did manage to get it right and land inside the innertube it was so much fun going up the hill! While I was going down these hills I screamed like a 10 year old girl (and according to my friend I could be heard on the other side of the park) but I had the time of my life! My favorite hill was definately the half pipe! It was scary but so much fun! We even had lunch there that day. I went up to the counter and ordered a M. Lafleur (2 hot dogs, fries and a drink). That went perfectly well until I tried ordering my drink! I asked for a jus d’orange Minute Maid (that means Minute Maid orange juice) but what I ended up getting was some kind of orange fruitopia! It wasn’t that bad but I would have much prefered an actual orange juice! Also on the same day we went to Valcartier we went ice fishing and also dogsledding! I much prefered the dogsledding because for 1 thing I didn’t catch a single thing when I ice fished and also another thing dogsledding was much more fast and fun! My teacher was the driver and I got to be the passanger. Our dogs must have had super speed because they were going really really fast! I was airborn a few times! It was so much fun though! I can also remember we went to the sugar shack on one of the days we were there. We learned how maple butter was made, made maple syrup pops (which are very easy to make) and even had a traditional lumberjack meal. That was so yummy! We pea soup to start with (which was disgusting). If you don’t mind me drifting off for a minute I’ve really gotta say that all the soups we had in Quebec for appetizers were disgusting! Turnip soup, cabagge soup, pea soup I didn’t like any of them! Going back on topic after the pea soup was the main course. We had saussages, ham, hashbrowns and scruncheons. I enjoyed the scruncheons but when I found out what they were (fried fat) I didn’t touch any of the others! For desert we had pancakes. That was a bit of a disaster for me because I accidentaly overused the maple syrup LOL! While we were eating there was a man playing music for us on the guitar and harmonica. He even sang a few songs! He was really good. About halfway through the meal he invited me and the rest of my group up to learn some kind of a dance. I ended up getting hurt but I had fun! Here’s how the dance works. You get a partner and stand in 2 lines facing your partner. You salute them and then with your right hand you switch places, then do it again with the right hand. Then you hook your right arms and swing around and then do the same with the left hand! Now you go back to back and on the count of 3 (this is the part where I got hurt) you bump butts! Then you switch partners and do it all over again. We visited a few museums while we were in Quebec. My favorite one was la mussée de la civilization (the museum of civilization). There were all kinds of cool excibits there! There was one thing in the museum called the cook o matic (which is completely different than and not related to the forgive o matic where you could try and make different foods. I completely failed at making cotton candy! Oh well! There was even a fairy tale excibit in the museum and they had a horse you could get on and a great big heavy stick that you used to jab all 7 (at lesat I think that’s how many there were) of the evil dragons hearts and kill him! It was really hard but a lot of fun! My teacher was definately the funniest because she provided her own sound effects and theme music LOL! We did a lot of shoppping while we were in Quebec too. I remember we went to the mall one day and I spent a heck of a lot of money and bought loads and loads of souvenirs! I even had lunch at A&W which didn’t go too well. I wanted a mama burger and I asked for extra pickles and no mustard or mayo. At the last minute I found out they had cheese and I didn’t really want that so I said no cheese. When It came back there was no mustard or mayo and it had extra pickles but there was cheese! I sent it back again and I got a mama burger with no cheese but it had mustard and mayo so I had to send it back a 3rd time and this time they finally got it right! I can’t remember the name of the mall we went to but it was such a cool place! There was a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, some kind of baloon ride, a carousel and even a hockey rink! It reminded me of the West Edminton mall! Also on our 2nd last day there we went down la Rue St John and did lots of shopping there. There were lots of cool stores and I got lots of really cool things! We also went to the aquarium du Quebec (the aquarium of Quebec). There were loads of cool fish there! I got to meet half the cast of “Finding Nemo” while I was there! I saw Dory, Marlin, Bubbles and even Nemo himself! Also there were seals, polar bears, walrusses, snow foxes and even owls! It was amazing! On the 2nd last night in Quebec we all got to go and see a huge parade! It was incredible! There were acrobats, pirates, mad scientists and lots of other cool people and things! Bonhomme was even there! My favorite parade float was the “Grease” one! It had people dressed up in really cool 60’s clothes and they danced to “We Go Together” and “Let’s Twist Again” (I’m sure they danced to more songs than those but those were the only 2 that I heard). Speaking of Bonhomme we got to go to the carnaval a few times during our trip. There were lots of cool things to do! You could slide down a hill in an innertube, ride on the ferris wheel and even check out some of the ice sculptures. The ferris wheel was my favorite part. Also at the carnaval they were selling these things called Beaver Tails. A Beaver Tail is a yummy pastry! It’s a gigantic piece of flaky pastry shaped like a beaver’s tail with all kinds of different toppings you could choose from. I had a coco vanille one (coco vanille means coco vanilla). It had vanilla icing, chocolate sauce and oreo crumbs! We also got to go to a disco with Bonhomme! I injured my kneecap but I had a great time! On the last day we went to le Tour Martello (Martello Tower) where actual soldiers once lived! I did something there that I hope to never ever EVER have to do again. Hold a rifle! We held it and learned how to put powder inside and everything! Also we were split into 2 teams and we had 2 competitions. The 1st one involved the rifle. We took the skills we just learned and put that to the test to see who could finish 1st. Then we had a competition where we had to look around both stories of the tower to find word scrambles in both English and French and whoever unscrambled the most won. At the end our tour guide said there was a special surprise for the loosing team (which thankfully wasn’t my team!) They had to be our teachers servants for the rest of the trip! Also while we were in the Tour Martello our guide showed us some different methods of punishment for the soldiers back then and our teacher made one of my classmates sit on the wooden horse! Then we went to see the Ice hotel. It was so cool! There was an ice chapel, discotheque and all kinds of other things made completely out of ice and snow! After the ice hotel we all went to the train staion and we had our lunch there. We got Bernard to go to a restaurant and pick up our lunch and bring it to us. We all had sandwitches! I had a peanut butter one. The cool thing is that they used sub buns to make the sandwiches so I got to taste my 1st ever peanut butter sub! It was yummy! Also when I opened up the box my sandwich came in I found lots of other surprises inside! There was a bottle of Orange juice, 2 oatmeal cookies (which I didn’t like), an apple and a bag of Ruffles All Dressed chips. It was really yummy! The train ride was so much fun too! It was my very 1st one ever! Now I’ve got 2 things crossed off my bucket list. Dogsledding and also going on a train ride. The plane ride back was fun too! I watched 2 episodes of “M.A.S.H” and then fell asleep! I had such a great time in Quebec and strongly reccommend you go there! Where’s your favorite vacation spot blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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