Kiwanis Music Festival

Hey blog world! Have any of you ever heard of the Kiwanis Music Festival? It’s an anual event organised by the Kiwanis club. What is basically is is a bunch of different musical competitions for all kinds of instruments and also singers and choirs! There are competitive and non competitive festival classes. I’ve participated in both! I prefer the competitive festival classes.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been in the festival but I do know that I’ve really enjoyed myself each time! I’ve even gotten 1st place a few times! This years festival will be one of the most fun for me because I’m going to be competing in a musical theater festival class for voice this year! I get to dress up like Tracy Turnblad from “Hairspray” and sing “Good Morning Baltimore”! Also me and the girls in my musical theater group will be performing “Lean On Me” (the “Glee” version)! I’ll also be performing the song “Theme” on the clarinet in the festival as well! I can’t wait for the festival! Will any of you be in the Kiwanis Music Festival this year? Tell me what you’ll be doing in the comments! Bye for now and good luck to all of you who’ll be performing in this years festival!



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