My inner cowgirl

Hey blog world! I’m not a big fan of Western movies but I’ve always wanted to be a cowgirl! I ride horses every summer and I love every minute of it. Sure there was 1 horse that I really didn’t get along with but every other horse I’ve ridden I’ve enjoyed riding! There was 1 horse that I constantly got fed up with though. His name was Trigger. He always had his breaks on! No matter how many times I kicked him in the side or made a noise to get him to move he wouldn’t! He was quite the stubborn horse! A couple of years ago I had a very strange experience with a horse. I was at summer camp at Circle Square Ranch and I was at the horse stable and one of the horse staff told us to mount our horses and the second that I did the horse went into autopilot and started moving on it’s own! I tried to make him stop but he wouldn’t! He walked me all the way over to the edge of the fence just so he could snack on some grass! Speaking of Circle Square Ranch every summer we get to have a rodeo! I have a lot of fun at those! My favorite race that I got to participate in at one of the rodeos was definately the water race. I had to mount my horse and ride down to the end of the arena. Once I got there I had to pour freezing water down a councellor’s shirt! It was awesome! Have you ever ridden a horse blog world? What do you like most about horseback riding? Tell me in the comments!


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