Cooking shows

Hey blog world! Whenever I go to my Grandparent’s house I always turn on the TV and see what’s on the “Food Network”. It’s my absolute favorite station! Since I want to be a chef when I grow up I like to watch the shows on that station and learn new recipe’s! Today I’m gonna talk to you about some of my favorite cooking shows.

“Eat St” . This is a TV show hosted by James Cunningham (who’s also a stand up comic) and it’s all about street food! We get to go inside the food truck and see how they make some of their recipes! It’s really cool! You actually wouldn’t believe some of the street food they’ve showcased on “Eat St”! One food truck which puts bacon in and on everything actually makes bacon milkshakes!

“Diners Drive-Ins and Dives” . This is a show where Guy Fieri (who’s also the host of the game show “Minute To Win It” ) goes around the country in a very awesome looking red convertible visiting what else Diners Drive-Ins and Dives! There are some places (who’s names I unfortunately forget) that have been shown on this show that has some pretty yummy looking food that I’d love to try someday!

“Chef At Home” . This show’s title is pretty self explanitory. Chef Michael Smith (who’s probably the only human in the world with a walk in pantry in his house) makes meals for his family and friends in his own kitchen at home and shows us how to make them! My favorite recipe from that show was probably one I saw a while ago. Apple stuffed pork chops! They looked so yummy!

“Iron Chef America” . This is a show where a contestant faces off against one of the Iron Chefs. There’s Mario Batali, Kat Cora, Bobby Flay (my favorite), Marc Forgione, Jose Garces, Michael Symon and Geoffrey Zakarian. Each week there’s an ingrediant that they have to somehow incorporate into their dishes. The only one that I can manage to remember is King Crab. Once the meal is finished cooking the judges get to taste it and decide who wins. Also they’ve only got 1 hour (or so I think) to prepare their meals.

“Ace Of Cakes” . This show takes us behind the scenes of Charm City Cakes where the ace of cakes himself Duff Goldman and his employees make thousands of cakes for birthdays, aniversaries and other special events. The cakes that they make are super incredible! My favorite cake that they made is definately the partying penguins cake ! It’s awesome isn’t it? See that little penguin dude on his head? He spun around!

“One Chef One Critic” . Ok so this one’s not on “Food Network” but it’s still a super awesome cooking show! This show is hosted by those 2 lovely men you see in the picture Karl Wells (the one on the left with the black jacket and tie) and Steve Watson (the one on the right with the glasses and chef’s outfit). Judging by the picture I guess you can tell which is the chef and which is the critic. This show is filmed in what I think is Karl Wells’s kitchen (I could be wrong though) and basically what happens in this show is they invite a Newfoundland celebrity for example Peter Halley (from Spirit Of Newfoundland (that’s a theater company)), Mark Critch and his wife (Mark is one of the actors on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”) and and Shelley Neville (who is also from Spirit Of Newfoundland) to come to the kitchen and cook with them! They make really yummy looking food on the show that makes my mouth water every time! What’s your favorite cooking show blog world? Tell me in the comments! Before I go I have 1 piece of advice chew carefully and don’t let your meat loaf!


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