Adventures in Wonderland

Hey blog world! How many of you have ever heard of the TV show “Adventures In Wonderland”? If you haven’t that’s probably because it got cancelled a long time ago. It was such an incredible show! I have 2 VHS tapes of it and I watch them over and over and over! “Adventures In Wonderland” is about a girl named Alice who has a magical mirror. The reason why it’s so magical is because she can walk right through it! On the other side of her mirror is a place called Wonderland! In wonderland there are lots of really cool people! There’s the Red Queen  who rules Wonderland and is very obviously obsessed with the color Red. The White Rabbit is her servant bunny who for some reason is always on rollerblades. The tweedles  are twin brothers who I can never tell apart! They’re amazing dancers! There’s also the Cheshire Cat (who’s picture I’m unable to find online) who’s always really sarcastic. Also he’s always disappearing and appearing so it’s really hard for me to tell where he is sometimes! Also there’s the caterpillar  who always tells great stories! Finally there’s the 2 best friends the Mad Hatter  and March Hare  a.k.a pieface (that was the nickname given to him by Mike McNasty a mean kid who always threw pies in the Hares face in high school.) These 2 always have tea parties together at the Hatters house (even though the Hatter is constantly breaking all the dishes!) Out of all of them the March Hare is my favorite! He’s cute and funny, has an awesome sense of style and is an amazing singer. Speaking of songs this show always had 2 or 3 songs in each episode. Here are some of my favorites (I unfortunately couldn’t find any of these online. Oh well!) “Bad Hair Nightmare” is a song that Alice sings when the shampoo that the Hatter and Hare made turned her hair green! I also love the song “It’s Got To Be In Here Somewhere”. It’s a song that the Hare sings while frantically searching through a gigantic trunk  and trying to find the keys to his handcuffs. Even though none of what the Hatter and Hare are saying in the song is true I love the song “Beware The Walrus”. This is a song that the Hatter and Hare are singing all about the things they heard about Walruses and they’re trying to warn Alice about them before one comes to Wonderland. My favorite episode of the show is very hard to choose. I’ve actually got 2 of them! I’ll post the links on youtube so you can watch them! One of my favorite episodes is “Pie Noon” in which Mike McNasty (the guy I mentioned a while ago who gave the Hare the nickname pieface) is coming to Wonderland at exactly 12:00 (give or take 5 minutes) and the Hare is really worried he’ll get yet another pie in the face. This episode has 2 very very special guest stars in it. Willie Nelson (he plays himself and sings “The Ballad Of Pie Noon”) and Gilbert Gotfreid(he plays Mike McNasty). Here’s the link to part 1, the link to part 2 and the link to part 3 My other favorite episode is “The Sound And The Furry”. In this episode because they were speaking during the Red Queen’s speech her majesty silenced everyone in Wonderland for an entire day! The gang wants to figure out a way to talk without actually talking so they can make it through the day. Hare tells everyone he has a cousin named April who can speak sign language and invites her to Wonderland to teach everyone how to speak it. Unfortunately poor April gets banished from Wonderland because she “ignored” an invitation from the Queen to go to the palace and teach her sign language (the reason why she did this is because she’s hearing impaired and couldn’t even hear the White Rabbit telling her she was invited to the palace.) Here’s the link to part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4  What’s your favorite episode of “Adventures In Wonderland” blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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