My favorite genre of movies

Hey blog world! There are loads of genres of movies out there and today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite ones!

Comedy: Whenever I’m feeling sad I just pop a Comedy movie into the DVD player and I instantly feel better! There are several different types of comedies like romantic comedies (a laugh out loud love story basically. For example “Dream A Little Dream” (which really wasn’t all that good. I fell asleep right in the middle LOL!)), dark comedies (A horriffic comedy like for example “Stewart” and “Death Becomes Her”) and also there are animated comedies like “Bolt” and “Gnomeo And Juliet”. If I had to choose a favorite comedy movie I’d definately go with “Wayne’s World” ! It’s super hillarious! My favorite part is when they recreate the theme song to “Laverne And Shirley”!

Adventure: I love watching movies that take me to exciting new places to meet amazing animals and do incredible things! My favorite adventure movie is “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” (the newer one with Brendan Fraiser in it).

Musical: Musicals are pretty much my life! I eat sleep and breathe broadway! Musicals always have amazing stories and even more amazing songs! My favorite musical movie is most definately “Annie” and my favorite song from this musical is “Easy Street”

My final favorite movie genre that I’m gonna talk about is one that I’m not sure what it’s called. Its basically a mixture of animation and cinamation because there are real life and animated characters in these movies. My favorite animation/cinamation movie is “The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle”

What about you blog world? What’s your favorite movie genre and you favorite movie of that genre? Tell me in the comments!




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