My favorite sports

Hey blog world! I’m not much of the sporty type but there are some sports I like to play. One of them is badminton. It’s great anger management since I get to hit something and also it’s a lot of fun! I play it outside with my Mom all the time! There was one time that I was playing badminton with Mom that didn’t go too well. We were playing up on the patio and by mistake I accidentaly hit the birdie too hard and it went all the way up onto the roof LOL! Oopsies! Another one of my favorite sports is bowling. I’m a special olympics bowler as you already know and I’m getting really good at it! I’ve even gotten a turkey (3 strikes in a row) once! Although I am a semi dangerous bowler because once as I was going to throw the ball down the alley I accidentaly threw it backwards and it nearly rolled over my friends fathers toes! Once again oopsies! I also LOVE swimming! It’s great exercise and a lot of fun! My favorite thing to do in the pool is play catch with a ball! Speaking of catch a couple of weeks ago I went swimming with the severs at my church and the Reverand. Me and my friend and the Reverand and his wife were all playing catch with a frisbee. The Reverand who can be quite silly at times always kept aiming for my head to try and see if he could get a ringer! I can’t remember weather or not he did but I gave it a try too and I got a few ringers (a ringer by the way is a horseshoe term for when the horseshoe goes around the stick. In our case a ringer was when the frisbee (which had a hole big enough for our heads in the middle) landed around our head). That was so much fun! What’s your favorite sport blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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