Special Olympic games

Hey blog world! During the summer I got to go on a trip with my best friends! My Special Olympics team! We all packed our suitcases and got on the bus and drove to Grand Falls Windsor for our summer games! The bus ride was kinda boring but thankfully I brought my iPod so I could have something to do. To keep us entertained on the bus ride they were playing movies but none that I liked. They had “Cars”,”Hook” and “The Karate Kid” neither of which I like. Also they wouldn’t stop for bathroom breaks! Thank God there was a bathroom on the bus. When we finally arrived at the stadium after our opening ceremonies we had an athletes social. An athletes social is when we all gather in the stadium and talk and hang out and meet new people and make new friends! It was fun! I got to see one of my friends from last year named Gord who I really really missed! We had to sleep in the stadium on air matresses which I’m perfectly fine with BUT on the 1st night it was super duper light! I could barely sleep! The next morning we had a breakfast buffet. There was eggs, bacon, cereal and fruit! I remember¬†having corn flakes and some orange slices and an apple. I can’t remember weather or not we went bowling that day. I can remember however that on one of the days we were there we got to sing karaoke! I sang “American Pie” by Don MacLean! Afterwards we went out to see “Kung Fu Panda 2” which I’d give 2 out of 5 stars. On the bus ride to the theater I was sitting next to my friend and we were sitting in front of my friends father. He was asleep and he was snoring really loudly! So loudly that I really couldn’t stand it! I asked my Mom for an apple so I could put it in his mouth and stop him from snoring but unfortunately Mom wouldn’t give it to me so I put up with his snoring for the rest of the ride. One of the nights we were there we had a dace which was a lot of fun! The live band named Papa String was really loud but they sure were great! They played lots of great songs like “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter, “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey and “Summer Of 69” by Bryan Adams! Right before the dance we had roast beef, potatoes, carrotts and turnip for supper and then we had an awards ceremony! Me and my team won bronze medals! I was so proud! On the way back home it was another long bus ride but I passed the time by singing! Some of my teammates even joined in! I sang “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, “Mean” by Taylor Swift and “Online” by Brad Paisley! I had an incredible time at the summer games and I can’t wait to go back this summer!

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