Asbie TV awards

Hey blog world! I’ve already done 2 music based awards shows so today I’m gonna hand out more awards but this time they’re based on TV programs and hosts! Our 1st category is best comedy and the award goes to “A.N.T Farm” ! This show is the winner of the award because it’s super funny! I crack up laughing every time I watch this show! I think the funniest thing that ever happened on “A.N.T Farm” was when Olive pulled that piece of corn on the cob out of Gibsons hair! LOL!

Our next category is best game show and that goes to NBC newcomer “Who’s Still Standing” ! In this game you have 20 seconds ( I think) to answer a question and if you get it wrong you fall through the floor and land somewhere in the great unknown! I play along with this game at home and to be totally honest I’ve gotten more questions wrong than you can count on 2 hands so that’s a lot of falling through the floor for me!

Our next category is best music show and that goes to “Kortney And Dave By Request”. As I’ve told you in the blog post “Reality shows I enjoy watching part 2”  “Kortney And Dave By Request” is hosted by Kortney and Dave Wilson and it’s a show where you can go to and request a music video for a friend or loved one. Not only that but they have special guests on the show too like Colt Ford! This show makes me laugh and makes me cry! I make sure to never miss it!

Our next category is best talk show host and the winner is Piers Morgan ! He’s the recipient of this award because he’s a great interviewer. He’s never afraid to ask the tough questions! Also he receives bonus points for being brave enough to enter the ring with Manny Paquiao!

Our next category is best animated show. This award goes to “Phineas And Ferb”! This is a very funny show and the songs are all super catchy! My favorite is “Whatcha Doin”

Our next category is best reality show host. That award goes to Don Kelly ! Don is one of the hosts of “Fish Out Of Water”! It’s a TV show on APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network) where he and his cohost Dawn Dumont go on adventures in traditional native lands. Don is the best host because he’s so funny! I thought it was really funny when he tried collecting cranberries with a scoop and was failing miserably (if your reading this Don no offense!) Also just last night he got married by accident LOL (long story)!

Our next category is best actor in a series. That award goes to Gerry Dee for his role as Gerry Duncan in the new CBC comedy “Mr D” . Gerry is a very funny stand up comedian but he’s even funnier on TV as Mr D! Also he’s had a lot of practice for this role because he used to be a teacher! He’s great with the kids and even has this awesome secret handshake. I can’t remember how it goes though. Oh well! To be honest I’m actually jealous of the kids at Xavier academy (and the actual class that Gerry taught in the past)! I really want Gerry as my teacher!

Our next category is best actress in a series. That award goes to Mia Talerico for her role as Charlie Duncan in the Disney Channel show “Good Luck Charlie” . This little angel of an actress is adorable! A smile comes on my face whenever I see her! She’s so cute and funny and can tell when your boyfriend’s been cheating! Before I move on to the next category there’s just 1 thing left to say. Good luck Charlie!

Our next category is best male voice actor. That’s most definately not a contest! This award goes to Tom Kenny for his role as Spongebob Squarepants on the show “Spongebob Squarepants” ! Tom is INCREDIBLE! I don’t know how he manages to get his voice to go that high but he sure does do a good job of it! He’s an amazing actor and whoever did the casting for Spongebob made a great decision in choosing Tom!

our next category is best Female voice actor. That award goes to Christy Carlson Romano for her role as Kim Possible on the show “Kim Possible” . I love “Kim Possible” and Kim is my favorite character! Christy does a super job of voicing her which is exactly why she’s won this award.

Our final category is best classic TV show. This is once again no contest! The award goes to “Full House”. This is a hillarious show! I really miss it and want it to come back! I’ll never forget the time that Jesse and Joey tried changing Michelle’s diaper for the very 1st time! It was priceless comedy gold!!

Those are all the awards! Congradulations to all actors, actresses and TV shows that won an award!


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