Awesome educational games

Hey blog world! I love playing games on the internet! I don’t play them all the time but sometimes when there’s not much else to do I like to play educational games! Here are a few of my favorites!

“Smoothie Operator” In this game you learn about making combinations while making smoothies with Ruff Ruffman! (Small little pointer unless you wanna make Ruff really upset (and really wet) I suggest using the lid on the blender!)

“Mystery Lunchbox” This isn’t technically a game but I guess it still counts. In this you and Sid the Science Kid can watch either a sandwitch or some fruit that’s left in a lunchbox for 15 days gradually get moldier and grosser by day. I gotta admit this is actually really cool!

“Skits Cooks” This is a game where you and Skits make pizza together while learning some brand new cooking words!

“Jigsaw Puzzle Size Up” this is a game that combines jigsaw puzzles with fractions! It’s kinda hard but a lot of fun!

“Effective Detective” This is basically an “Arthur” version of Guess Who. It’s so much fun!

What’s your favorite educational online game blog world? Tell me in the comments!

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