Hit or Miss

Hey blog world! Yesterday on CMT I saw this show called “Hit Or Miss” where a group of people reviewed Country music videos and called them either a hit or a miss. I thought it’d make a great blog post so that’s what I decided to do today! Please excuse me if I start to sound like Piers Morgan.

“If I Were A Boy” by Reba McCentire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjWCZB08UW0&ob=av2e. This is a MISS! All this video is is Reba walking around in a green dress and it gets longer and longer as she walks! It has nothing to do with the song! Also I wonder how it manages to keep getting that long? Are there little mice like the ones from Cinderella following her around sewing more and more fabric onto the dress as she walks? I honestly think this video makes no sense so it’s a great big miss!

“Online” by Brad Paisley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6iAjEv9dQ&ob=av2e. This is a HIT! I love this video! It’s super funny! Also the guy playing the nerd sure is skilled with a lightsabre! The best part in this video is definately when the marching band played this song! (I’m definately asking my school’s band teacher if we can play it!) I’m a trekkie so I was super happy that William Shatner made a cameo in this video! That made it even awesomer!

“As Good As I Once Was” by Toby Keith This is yet another MISS! It’s a horrible and innapropriate video! I’m surprised they even air this on TV! I’m not even gonna post this video up because I may have some younger readers.

“Mr Mom” by Lonestar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PokBAxtvW4. This is a HIT! It’s a super hillarious video! Even though it rips off the diaper commercial (I can’t remember weather it’s huggies or pampers) where the baby pees all over the Dad while he tries to change him. Also there are 2 sequences in this video that involve diaper changing that confuse me. In 1 he pulls a crayon out of it and in another he pulls out a guitar! What’s up with that? I guess I can understand the crayon because some curious babies will stick things where they’re not supposed to go but I don’t understand the guitar at all. How could that even fit in there? Anyway this is a great song and a great video! Great job Lonestar! (Dean if your reading this I’m still mad at you!)

Our final video is “Remember When” by Alan Jackson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTA2buWlNyM&ob=av2e. This is a HIT! The pictures floating in the background are beautiful and so is Alan’s singing! It’s such a sweet song and video! I loved every minute of it!

Well I hope you enjoyed my Hit or Miss post blog world! I want to know what’s your opinion on these 5 video’s? Take a look at them and tell me weather you think they’re a hit or a miss and why in the comments!


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