My favorite musical instruments

Hey blog world! There are at least a million (or maybe even more) musical instruments out there each with their own different sound. I have plenty of favorites. The banjo is one of them! I like the banjo because it sounds awesome! Whenever I hear someone playing it on TV or live I just can’t help but smile! Even though I like the way it sounds I most definatley wouldn’t wanna learn to play it because I’ve seen people playing it and their fingers are going a mile a minute! It seems like a really hard instrument to learn to play so I think I’ll just stick to listening to it. My favorite banjo song is “Rocky Top” by Lynn Anderson. Sure Lynn Anderson’s singing is great but the banjo part in the middle blows me away everytime! It’s totally amazing! Another one of my favorite musical instruments is the trumpet.  I really like the way this sounds! Once again it seems like a really hard instrument to play so I don’t think I wanna learn this one either! There are a lot of great songs with the trumpet in them like “Delilah” and “Ring Of Fire” but by far my favorite song with the trumpet in it is “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond! I love the trumpet part in this song because it sounds so awesome! I also love the guitar. This is an instrument that I do know how to play but not all that well. I like this instrument because it’s a great instrument to sing along with. Whenever I hear a guitar being played it always brings a smile to my face! My favorite song with the guitar in it is “Back Home Again” by John Denver The guitar playing in all of John’s songs is great but this song definately has the best guitar playing. It sounds so beautiful! Finally I love the piano. I can play this instrument as well. I love the piano because not only does it sound great but I love just sitting down and fiddling around with the keys because sometimes if I play the right keys in the right order I play a song! Last summer by playing around with the keys I taught myself how to play “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” by George Jones! My favorite song with the piano is “Daydream Believer” by the Monkees! Whenever I hear the 1st few notes of the piano I get so excited! It’s such a great beat and the music makes me so happy! What’s your favorite instrument and what’s your favorite song that it’s used in? Tell me in the comments!


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