My favorite bands

Hey blog world! I do a lot of talking about my favorite singers but I doubt I’ve ever written a post about my favorite bands. Well here’s one now! To begin this post we have the Fiddleheads! They were contestants on “America’s Got Talent”! They’re an amazing bluegrass group because they turn pop songs like Bruno Mars, Ce Lo Green and Michael Jackson songs into bluegrass songs! My favorite song by the fiddleheads is “Forget You”! Is that cool or what? Another one of my favorite bands is the 8 Track Favorites. They’re a band that does tributes to Country music legends like Buck Owens, Faron Young and Gene Watson. I saw them in concert last year at the Arts and Culture Center in St John’s and they were INCREDIBLE! They’re so good that I actually like some of their versions better then the original artists! My favorite 8 Track Favorites song is “Ashes Of Love” (which was originally performed by Don Gibson) I also LOVE Buddy Wassisname and the Other Fellers. They’re a Newfoundland band much like (but way better then) the Wonderful Grand Band. The reason that is is because they both sing songs and do skits in their shows. Buddy Wassisname (a.k.a Kevin Blackmore) is my favorite member of the band because he’s so unpredictable! I never know what he’s gonna do next! My favorite Buddy Wassisname and the Other Fellers song is “Is You Appy” Another one of my favorite bands is Lonestar. I saw them in concert last November and I was amazed at how incredible they were in concert (pun intended). Their songs are funny, touching and most importantly AWESOME! My favorite Lonestar song (which the keyboardist Dean Sams made me super angry by dissing) is “Mr Mom I also think that The Band Perry is great! I only know 2 of their songs but still. Out of those 2 “If I Die Young” is my favorite! It’s such a pretty song that I love to slow dance to! Finally we have The Monkees. They’re a band who is either British or Australian (I’m not sure). They used to have their own TV show which I really enjoyed but it’s unfortunatley cancelled. These guys always make me happy! I get so excited and a big smile comes on my face when I hear their music start to play! My favorite song by The Monkees is “Daydream Believer” What’s your favorite band and what’s your favorite song they sing?


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