My favorite online games

Hey blog world! I love coming on the internet to play games! I thought I’d use today’s blog post to show you some of my favorite ones. Also I’ll provide the links to the websites so you can play them. Before I start I should mention that all these games are family friendly!

Hall Of The Wild 2 The Big Field Trip This is a game from “My Gym Partner’s A Monkey”. The basic plot of this game is Principal Pixiefrog has asked Adam and Jake to get the students ready for the field trip they’ll be going on by vaccinating them, freeing those trapped in bubbles, getting the kids on the bus and also collecting doorknobs (because they’re shiny all the students (accept Adam) can’t concentrate). In this game you play through 3 levels and 3 minigames. The cafeteria is 1st then you move onto the underwater hallway and then finally the last level is located outside of the school. This games is quite challenging (especially the underwater hallway’s mini game) but it sure is fun! If you like that game then I suggest playing the 1st hall of the wild game which is also a lot of fun!

Dummy Never Fails This is a very simple game where you shoot crash test dummies at a target. For doing certain things like completing a level without pain, completing a level in slow motion, collecting certain shapes and shooting a certain amount of dummies you get different skins or in other words costumes. There’s a clown, tourist, farmer, football player and my personal favorite a cheerleader!

Bloons This is the 1st in a series of games where you play as a monkey and shoot darts at balloons. It’s challenging but quite fun! You have to have very good aim and timing in order to master this game though.

Let’s Get Grillin I’m a chef in training so I love to play this game because it gives me lots of practice! In this game you have to grill and serve food to your friends. Some examples of foods you have to grill are hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken and salmon. Also you get to serve up cold foods too like salads and pickles!

 Deep Space Deli In this game you get to boldy make sandwiches where no man has made sandwiches before! Outer space! You’ve got to aim the bread at condiments, cheese and deli meats and make perfect sandwiches! It’s hard but fun! Also please if anyone can get past level 5 please tell me how in the comments because I have no clue!

Carrot Sweeper This is a Looney Toons version of the game minesweeper. Although it’s a bit different. Your playing as Bugs Bunny and trying to steal carrotts from Elmer Fudd. To do so you have to be very cautious and pick out the carrotts and NOT Elmer hiding in a hole wearing a carrott hat. To help you with this there’s a handy guide on the side and bottom of the screen showing you how many in the row are safe.

Ninja Painter In this game your playing an artist ninja. You have to use your ninja skills to paint the floors of the dojo. Also you’ve gotta avoid falling out the windows! This is a very complicated game but it’s a lot of fun!

What are your favorite online games blog world? Tell me in the comments!

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