Hey blog world! I love watching sticoms on TV! Today I’m gonna tell you guys about some of my favorite ones!

“According To Jim” . This is a show about construction worker Jim and all his adventures (and misadventures (most of which usually happen with his best friend Andy)). My favorite character is definately Andy because he’s so funny. Also half the time he’s really clueless! My favorite episode was the Thanksgiving one where Jim and Andy set out to shoot a turkey but when Jim turns around to go #1 a turkey fires Jim’s crossbow and it gets him right in the butt! When I saw that I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard!

“Corner Gas” . This show is about the inhabitants of the fictional Sasketchewan town called Dog River. There’s the 2 police officers Karen and Davis (who I think would actually make a great couple), Lacy the owner of the coffee shop called the Ruby, Brent the owner of the gas station nextdoor to the Ruby called Corner Gas (where the show gets it’s name from), Wanda Brent’s only employee (who’s a lot smarter then she looks), dim witted Hank who’s always up to some crazy scheme and finally Emma and Oscar Brent’s parents. I’ve got 2 favorite characters Wanda and Davis. They’re both so funny! My favorite episode was called “The Littlest Yarbo” (Yarbo by the way is Hank’s last name). In this episode a dog pays a visit to Dog River and judging by the way it treats Oscar (it barks nonstop whenever Oscar does something bad and won’t stop until Oscar rights his wrong) Hank thinks it’s the littlest hobo from the TV show. My favorite part of that episode is when Brent receives the mugs that he’s ordered that were supposed to have Corner Gas and The Ruby printed on them as advertising for his and Lacy’s buisnesses. Instead there was some kind of mixup because on the mug instead of Corner Gas and The Ruby the mug makers had written Corner G and The Rub! LOL!

“Melissa And Joey” . This is a new sitcom on the station “ABC Spark”. It’s about a girl named Melissa who’s sister is in jail and her husband has fleed the country and because of this she now has to take care of her neice Lennox and her nephew Ryder. Because of her job as a politician she needed a lot of help around the house so that’s where Joey came in. He now works as the nanny. There’s only 1 small problem. Melissa really can’t stand him! I don’t think that I have a favorite episode of this show because I like them all but my favorite scene was when Melissa was playing “Just Dance” with Lennox. She was an incredible dancer!

“Good Luck Charlie” . This is a show about the Duncan family. The parents Amy a nurse turned stay at home Mom and Bob an exterminator and the kids PJ the oldest boy in the family who’s formed a band with his best friend Emmet called “PJ and the Vibe”, Gabe the youngest boy in the family who’s quite the troublemaker, Teddy the oldest girl in the family who makes video diaries for Charlie and last but not least the youngest Duncan of all Charlie! She’s the cutest little girl ever! My favorite episode of the show was the one where Gabe had to be good for one entire week so he could have his birthday party at a place called the Boom Zone. It’s really hard for Gabe to do because Bob and PJ have started Sambasizing together so Bob could loose weight and Gabe desperatley wants to make fun of it! In the end he does manage lasting the whole week but the party gets cancelled because of a snowstorm BUT he still has a bithday party. His family throws him an awesome surprise party!

“A.N.T Farm” . This is a show about the A.N.T farm at Webster High. A.N.T stands for Advanced Natural Talent. The kids in the A.N.T farm are China Parks (the one in the middle with the purple pants) who’s a music genious! She can play every instrument under the sun! Olive Doyle (no relation to Jake Doyle) is the one on China’s right with the pink shoes on. She’s a human elephant! The reason why I say that is because elephants never forget. Neither does Olive! Everything she’s ever heard, seen and done is permanently etched in her brain! Fletcher Quimby (the boy sitting on China’s right with the short brown hair) is a teenage Picasso. He’s an incredible artist! His paintings,sculptures and all other works of art are beautiful! Also he’s got a major crush on China but unfortunately she doesn’t have a major crush on him. She just wants to be friends. Angus Chesnut (who isn’t featured in the picture) is a tech genious! He knows everything there is to know about computers! He’s even hacked into a museums computer system once to help Fletcher retreive a painting that he had sold ot another artist who had put it in a museum under his name and didn’t give Fletcher any credit! He’s also got a huge crush on Olive but she doesn’t like him.

“The Fairly Odd Parents” . This is a show about 10 year old Timmy Turner and his misadventures with his 3 fairies. Cozmo (the green haired one) who’s a complete idiot, Wanda (the pink haired one) who’s the only sensible one out of all 4 of them and Poof Cozmo and Wanda’s baby. Timmy has wished for loads of crazy things like for example he once wished that his whole world could be a comic book. He’s also wished for it to be Christmas every day (that one really didn’t go well!) This show has had a few musical numbers and my favorite one is from the Valentines day episode “Lovestruck”. It’s called “Great To Be A Guy”

“Spongebob Squarepants” . This show is about everyones favorite sea sponge Spongebob Squarepants and his adventures with his friends (and enemies) in Bikini Bottom)! My favorite episode of this show would definately have to be “The Camping Episode” where Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward go camping together outside of Spongebob’s house. They sing a campfire song, roast marshmallows and nearly get eaten by a sea bear! My favorite part of that episode was when Squidward kept trying to get away from the sea bear but no matter what he did it kept on attacking him! This show had several musical numbers too and my favorite one is “The Fun Song”. I love both Spongebob and Planktons versions!

The final sitcom I’m gonna talk about is “Phineas and Ferb”. This is a show about stepbrothers Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher who spend their entire summer buiding awesome stuff like rollercoasters, animal translators and even their own platypus themed restaurant! Of course they don’t do it by themselves. They always have some help from their friends. There’s Isabella Garcia Shapiro the girl who comes over everyday and is always willing to help with their projects (and has a major crush on Phineas) and also sometimes will recruit her fellow Fireside Girls to help out so they can all earn badges, Buford Van Stomm the bully who may not show it but is quite the softie and Baljeet the straight A+ student who’s Buford’s main target. There’s also Candace the boys sister who is always trying to bust them but never succeeds. The boys have a pet platypus they’ve named Perry who is a secret agent (but he’s the only one that knows it). This show also has several musical numbers in it and my favorite is “Squirrels In My Pants”

What’s your favorite sitcom blog world? Tell me in the comments!


A Smile As Big As The Moon

Hey blog world! Just last night I saw an amazing movie on ABC! It’s called “A Smile As Big As The Moon”. It’s based on a true story (and it’s also a book)! A special education teacher named Mike Kersjes decided to take his students to space camp. Because all the students had serious learning and emotional problems nobody not even the people that run NASA’s space camp thought that it was a good idea. At 1st the people at space camp wouldn’t let them go. Thankfully after a lot of persuasion (and a car wash and bake sale to raise money for the trip) they were able to go! They got to compete in all kinds of challenges and they even got to go on a simulated shuttle mission! It was so cool! The name of my favorite character is Lucy (I think). She has OCD and ADD. The reason why she’s my favorite is because she looks almost exactly like my BFF Ally Allen! Those 2 are practically twins! This is a very very touching story and it’s also quite funny. The funniest part was definately the huge fight in home ec class! Pumpkin mush and flour went flying everywhere! I couldn’t stop laughing! I also loved the part where Mr Kersjes lead the whole bus in a sing along of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers on the way to space camp! It was an incredible movie and I’m super glad that I taped it so I can watch it over and over again! I also plan on downloading the book onto my ereader! Here’s the trailer for the movie so you guys can see just how incredible it is (I also think it’ll be airing this weekend on the hallmark channel for those of you who get that channel).! If you and your class could go on a field trip anywhere where would you wanna go and why? Tell me in the comments!

My inner cowgirl

Hey blog world! I’m not a big fan of Western movies but I’ve always wanted to be a cowgirl! I ride horses every summer and I love every minute of it. Sure there was 1 horse that I really didn’t get along with but every other horse I’ve ridden I’ve enjoyed riding! There was 1 horse that I constantly got fed up with though. His name was Trigger. He always had his breaks on! No matter how many times I kicked him in the side or made a noise to get him to move he wouldn’t! He was quite the stubborn horse! A couple of years ago I had a very strange experience with a horse. I was at summer camp at Circle Square Ranch and I was at the horse stable and one of the horse staff told us to mount our horses and the second that I did the horse went into autopilot and started moving on it’s own! I tried to make him stop but he wouldn’t! He walked me all the way over to the edge of the fence just so he could snack on some grass! Speaking of Circle Square Ranch every summer we get to have a rodeo! I have a lot of fun at those! My favorite race that I got to participate in at one of the rodeos was definately the water race. I had to mount my horse and ride down to the end of the arena. Once I got there I had to pour freezing water down a councellor’s shirt! It was awesome! Have you ever ridden a horse blog world? What do you like most about horseback riding? Tell me in the comments!

Video Games

Hey blog world! I love playing video games! Today I thought I’d blog about some of my very favorite ones!

“Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom” (for Gamecube) . In this game a bunch of robots (created by Plankton) are invading Bikini Bottom and it’s up to Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy to stop them! You have to navigate a bunch of different areas like Goo Lagoon, Sand Mountain and even Jellyfish Fields defeating enemies, completing challenges and collecting Golden Spatulas (I forget why you have to collect them). I still haven’t beaten the game but it’s a lot of fun!

“A Series Of Unfortunate Events”  (for Gamecube). This game is based on the book series and movie of the same name. You control the 3 Beaudelaire orphans Clause (the boy in the blue sweater), Violet (the girl in the black dress) and Sunny (the one who Violet is holding) and you complete tasks to escape Count Olaf and other things. I’m unfortunately stuck in the 2nd level which is Uncle Monty’s house. Please if anyone knows how to beat that level tell me in the comments!

“Wipeout” for Wii . I love watching the show on TV so I just had to go out and get this game! I’m really really good at it! It’s just as hard as the game but it sure is fun! My favorite obstacle would probably have to be the Dirty Balls because those are the easiest for me! I get past them everytime! My least favorite obstacle is the Big Balls because I always have a hard time getting past them (although I really enjoy laughing at myself and the other contestants during the instant replays because our wipeouts are always super hillarious on the big balls!)

“Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” for Wii . This game is quite random but it’s a lot of fun! You have to dodge enemies like toxin spraying radishes, rampaging headless roasted chickens and spaghetti tornados while trying to put a stop to the machine that’s making it rain food. I think the most fun part for me is defeating the gummi bears. The reason why is because there’s such a wide variety of ways to do so! My personal favorite is picking them up with the forkamajigor and dropping them into a chili puddle and cooking them!

“New Super Mario Bros” for Nintendo DS . My neice has this game for her DS and I’m constantly asking her if I can play it! It’s so much fun! Sure Bowser is always really hard to beat but I really enjoy playing this game. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that they don’t give you the option to play as Luigi (he’s my favorite character).

“Chicken Little” for Gamecube . In this game you play as Chicken Little and your trying to prove to everyone that the sky did indeed fall and your not a complete idiot! It’s a very hard game but it’s a lot of fun! My favorite part is definately when you get to fly through the sky using a shaken soda jet pack so Chicken Little can get to school on time!

“The Beatles Rock Band” for Wii . Who doesn’t love the Beatles? Now you can release your inner Ringo Starr and  rock out to some of the Beatles most famous songs like “Come Together”, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, “Here Comes The Sun” and “Octopuss’s Garden”! My favorite song to do is the medley of “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “With A Little Help From My Friends”! It’s so awesome!

What’s your favorite video game blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Cooking shows

Hey blog world! Whenever I go to my Grandparent’s house I always turn on the TV and see what’s on the “Food Network”. It’s my absolute favorite station! Since I want to be a chef when I grow up I like to watch the shows on that station and learn new recipe’s! Today I’m gonna talk to you about some of my favorite cooking shows.

“Eat St” . This is a TV show hosted by James Cunningham (who’s also a stand up comic) and it’s all about street food! We get to go inside the food truck and see how they make some of their recipes! It’s really cool! You actually wouldn’t believe some of the street food they’ve showcased on “Eat St”! One food truck which puts bacon in and on everything actually makes bacon milkshakes!

“Diners Drive-Ins and Dives” . This is a show where Guy Fieri (who’s also the host of the game show “Minute To Win It” ) goes around the country in a very awesome looking red convertible visiting what else Diners Drive-Ins and Dives! There are some places (who’s names I unfortunately forget) that have been shown on this show that has some pretty yummy looking food that I’d love to try someday!

“Chef At Home” . This show’s title is pretty self explanitory. Chef Michael Smith (who’s probably the only human in the world with a walk in pantry in his house) makes meals for his family and friends in his own kitchen at home and shows us how to make them! My favorite recipe from that show was probably one I saw a while ago. Apple stuffed pork chops! They looked so yummy!

“Iron Chef America” . This is a show where a contestant faces off against one of the Iron Chefs. There’s Mario Batali, Kat Cora, Bobby Flay (my favorite), Marc Forgione, Jose Garces, Michael Symon and Geoffrey Zakarian. Each week there’s an ingrediant that they have to somehow incorporate into their dishes. The only one that I can manage to remember is King Crab. Once the meal is finished cooking the judges get to taste it and decide who wins. Also they’ve only got 1 hour (or so I think) to prepare their meals.

“Ace Of Cakes” . This show takes us behind the scenes of Charm City Cakes where the ace of cakes himself Duff Goldman and his employees make thousands of cakes for birthdays, aniversaries and other special events. The cakes that they make are super incredible! My favorite cake that they made is definately the partying penguins cake ! It’s awesome isn’t it? See that little penguin dude on his head? He spun around!

“One Chef One Critic” . Ok so this one’s not on “Food Network” but it’s still a super awesome cooking show! This show is hosted by those 2 lovely men you see in the picture Karl Wells (the one on the left with the black jacket and tie) and Steve Watson (the one on the right with the glasses and chef’s outfit). Judging by the picture I guess you can tell which is the chef and which is the critic. This show is filmed in what I think is Karl Wells’s kitchen (I could be wrong though) and basically what happens in this show is they invite a Newfoundland celebrity for example Peter Halley (from Spirit Of Newfoundland (that’s a theater company)), Mark Critch and his wife (Mark is one of the actors on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”) and and Shelley Neville (who is also from Spirit Of Newfoundland) to come to the kitchen and cook with them! They make really yummy looking food on the show that makes my mouth water every time! What’s your favorite cooking show blog world? Tell me in the comments! Before I go I have 1 piece of advice chew carefully and don’t let your meat loaf!


Adventures in Wonderland

Hey blog world! How many of you have ever heard of the TV show “Adventures In Wonderland”? If you haven’t that’s probably because it got cancelled a long time ago. It was such an incredible show! I have 2 VHS tapes of it and I watch them over and over and over! “Adventures In Wonderland” is about a girl named Alice who has a magical mirror. The reason why it’s so magical is because she can walk right through it! On the other side of her mirror is a place called Wonderland! In wonderland there are lots of really cool people! There’s the Red Queen  who rules Wonderland and is very obviously obsessed with the color Red. The White Rabbit is her servant bunny who for some reason is always on rollerblades. The tweedles  are twin brothers who I can never tell apart! They’re amazing dancers! There’s also the Cheshire Cat (who’s picture I’m unable to find online) who’s always really sarcastic. Also he’s always disappearing and appearing so it’s really hard for me to tell where he is sometimes! Also there’s the caterpillar  who always tells great stories! Finally there’s the 2 best friends the Mad Hatter  and March Hare  a.k.a pieface (that was the nickname given to him by Mike McNasty a mean kid who always threw pies in the Hares face in high school.) These 2 always have tea parties together at the Hatters house (even though the Hatter is constantly breaking all the dishes!) Out of all of them the March Hare is my favorite! He’s cute and funny, has an awesome sense of style and is an amazing singer. Speaking of songs this show always had 2 or 3 songs in each episode. Here are some of my favorites (I unfortunately couldn’t find any of these online. Oh well!) “Bad Hair Nightmare” is a song that Alice sings when the shampoo that the Hatter and Hare made turned her hair green! I also love the song “It’s Got To Be In Here Somewhere”. It’s a song that the Hare sings while frantically searching through a gigantic trunk  and trying to find the keys to his handcuffs. Even though none of what the Hatter and Hare are saying in the song is true I love the song “Beware The Walrus”. This is a song that the Hatter and Hare are singing all about the things they heard about Walruses and they’re trying to warn Alice about them before one comes to Wonderland. My favorite episode of the show is very hard to choose. I’ve actually got 2 of them! I’ll post the links on youtube so you can watch them! One of my favorite episodes is “Pie Noon” in which Mike McNasty (the guy I mentioned a while ago who gave the Hare the nickname pieface) is coming to Wonderland at exactly 12:00 (give or take 5 minutes) and the Hare is really worried he’ll get yet another pie in the face. This episode has 2 very very special guest stars in it. Willie Nelson (he plays himself and sings “The Ballad Of Pie Noon”) and Gilbert Gotfreid(he plays Mike McNasty). Here’s the link to part 1, the link to part 2 and the link to part 3 My other favorite episode is “The Sound And The Furry”. In this episode because they were speaking during the Red Queen’s speech her majesty silenced everyone in Wonderland for an entire day! The gang wants to figure out a way to talk without actually talking so they can make it through the day. Hare tells everyone he has a cousin named April who can speak sign language and invites her to Wonderland to teach everyone how to speak it. Unfortunately poor April gets banished from Wonderland because she “ignored” an invitation from the Queen to go to the palace and teach her sign language (the reason why she did this is because she’s hearing impaired and couldn’t even hear the White Rabbit telling her she was invited to the palace.) Here’s the link to part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4  What’s your favorite episode of “Adventures In Wonderland” blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Movie awards

Hey blog world! I’ve done awards shows for music and TV and now it’s time for movies to get their turn!

Our 1st category is best comedy. This award goes to “Wayne’s World”. It’s the story of 2 best friends. Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. They host their own cable TV show in the basement of Wayne’s parents house (where Wayne is currently living). It’s super hillarious! My favorite Wayne’s World moment has got to be their recreation of the “Laverne and Shirley” theme song “Making Our Dreams Come True”

Our next category is best horror movie. The award goes to “Phantom Of The Opera” . I’m a wimp when it comes to horror movies because I get really scared but this one I was actually able to handle. In fact I really enjoy it! It’s the story of the phantom who haunts the Opera Populaire in France! This movie by the way is a musical and my favorite song from it is “Think Of Me”

Our next category is best animated movie. The award goes to “Jonah A Veggietales Movie” . This is the award winner because not only is it super hillarious but it teaches kids the story of the prophet Jonah and also it shows kids the importance of compassion, mercy and 2nd chances! It’s also got some really great songs! My favorite is “Jonah Was A Prophet”

Our next category is best talking animal movie. That award goes to “Charlotte’s Web” . This gets the award because it’s such a great story and the graphics and special effects are incredible (I’m still curious as to how they managed to get all those words written in the spider web)!

Our next category is best cinamation/animation movie. That award goes to “The Adventures Of Rocky and Bullwinkle” . Before I saw this movie I hadn’t the slightest clue who Rocky and Bullwinkle even were! Now that I’ve seen it I’m a huge fan! In this movie the 3 bad guys Fearless Leader (the dude on the far left), Boris and Natasha Badinov are trying to take over the world and it’s up to Rocky and Bullwinkle to stop them!

Our next category is best book to movie. That award goes to “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” . I loved reading the books and I got so excited when I saw the movie poster because I knew that that meant there was a Wimpy Kid movie coming out! I loved every minute of it! I also really enjoyed the sequel “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick Rules” and I can’t wait for the 3rd one to come out!

Our next category is for best male actor in a movie. That award goes to Leslie Nielsen for his role as Dracula in “Dracula Dead And Loving It” . Leslie is a hillarious actor! His best role by far was definately Count Dracula! He was so funny! The best part was definately at the beginning of the movie when he tripped over some bat #2 and fell down the stairs and was completely fine but as he walked up the stairs again his shadow was limping LOL!

Our next category is best female actress in a movie. That award goes to Carol Burnette for her role as Miss Hannigan in “Annie” . She did an excellent job playing a villain! She was really believable too! She actually made me believe she really hated the kids! She also did an amazing job singing all her songs! “Little Girls” was her best song in the whole movie

Our next category is best musical. That award goes to “Hairspray” . This is such an awesome movie! I loved every minute of it! I was dancing along in my seat at the theater the whole time! My favorite character in this movie is definately Tracy Turnblad! By the way small little fun fact in case you didn’t notice John Travolta’s the one playing Edna Turnblad (Tracy’s Mom). I really gotta congratulate him on a job extremely well done!

Our final category is best song in a musical movie. That award goes to “America” from “West Side Story” This song is sung by the recently immigrated Puerto Ricans. The females are really enjoying themselves but the males as you can obviously see are not. In this song the males are saying how horrible it is there and the females are saying how wonderful it is. 2 different opinions but 1 incredible song (and the dancing is equally incredible!)

There you have it blog world! My movie awards! Congratulations to all actors, actresses and movies that have won awards today!