Places I wanna go

Hey blog world! I love travelling to places and meeting new people and doing new things. These are some places that I wanna go and visit someday

Hawaii: I’d like to go to Hawaii because it seems like such a beautiful place! Sandy beaches,beautiful flowers and best of all SURFING! I’ve never gone surfing but I’d absolutely LOVE to go someday! The closest I’ve ever gotten was boogie boarding in Northern Bay Sands (it’s a place in Newfoundland). As fun as that was I’d love to go to Hawaii and try surfing!

England: I’d like to go to jolly old England because for 1 I’d like to take a ride on the London Eye and also it seems like such an interesting place to visit. I remember watching and episode of “19 Kids And Counting” where the Duggar family went there on vacation and England looked so cool on the TV and one day I’d really like to go there

Los Angeles: I’d like to go to L.A because they also have great beaches for surfing,that’s where “The Doctors” is filmed,they have the walk of fame and also a Madame Tussaud’s museum is there!

Nashville: I’d like to visit here because Nashville is Music City USA! The birthplace of Country Music! It has the Grand Ol Opry and even the Country Hall Of Fame! I’d be in heaven in Nashville!

Where would you like to go on vacation blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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