Anna in wonderland

Hey blog world! Last night was Christmas Eve and while most people were probably dreaming about what Santa will bring them somehow I managed to dream about “Alice In Wonderland”. The cool thing is that in my dream even though everything happened just like it did in the movie the characters were slightly different. Instead of Alice falling down the rabbit hole Anna Graceman from AGT was the one who fell down the hole! Mauricio Herrera was the white rabbit,the Kinetic King was the caterpillar,Nick Cannon and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr were Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee (I forget which was which),Piers Morgan was the mad hatter,Howie Mandel was the march hare,Professor Splash was the doormouse,Daniel Joseph Baker was the cheshire cat and Sharon Osbourne was the red queen! I have to admit I actually enjoyed my dreamed up AGT version way better then the movie! I really don’t know how I managed to dream this but I’m super glad I did! What was the best dream you’ve ever had blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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