weird but awesome inventions

Hey blog world! There are loads of inventions in this world that are a little strange but actually quite useful. One of them is the banana box .  The banana box is a plastic box in the shape of a banana that protects your banana and prevents it from getting beaten up in your lunchbox. I own one of these and it actually works really really well! Another weird invention that actually seems quite comfy is the snuggie. It’s a blanket that you can wear so you can stay warm and cozy wherever you go. I gotta admit they look a little strange but they also look quite cozy. I’ve always wanted to wear one and see how comfy it is. I’ve even made my own invention! I called it the golfing rod. It’s basically a golf ball attached to a fishing rod. You put it on the ground and putt the ball with your golf club and then you can reel it back in and try again instead of having to go over and get it! Also this is great for people with arthritis or back problems because it saves you the trouble of bending over and picking up the ball! My invention isn’t on the market yet but I hope that someday it will be! What’s one of the weirdest inventions you’ve ever seen blog world? Tell me in the comments!

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