Farewell to EMHE

Hey blog world! One of my favorite TV shows “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” has a twitter account and I follow it. A few days ago they tweeted some very sad news. I can’t remember the exact words of the tweet but they said that the episode airing on January 13th would be the series finale! I can’t believe that this show is being cancelled! I love this show! It was funny,sad and inspirational all at the same time. My favorite part of the show was definately the demolitions! They had some very very creative ways of demolishing houses like once they had members of the WWE use their strength to tear down a family’s house! It was so cool! There were some very funny moments on the show like when Michael (one of the designers) was being followed by carrolers who wouldn’t stop singing (he eventually knocked out one of the carrolers when he tried invading an interview Michael was doing),when 2 little boys arrested Ty (they had their own little jail cell in their new room and the 1st person they decided to arrest was Ty) and also another very funny moment was when some rapper named Xzibit was helping build a home for a family who owned a bunch of cows. When Xzibit was walking past the cows stable he couldn’t help but be like Ty and yell out “GOOD MORNING COW FAMILY”! I couldn’t help but LOL! This show does have it’s sad moments too like when one of the designers named Ed nearly lost his hand when he had an accident with some kind of a tool ( I can’t remember what it was). EMHE had a lot of celebrity help building the houses on the show. Some of my favorite celebrity helpers were Elmo (who has helped out on numerous occasions),Bill Engvall and Kelly Pickler (or as Michael called her “the picklinator). If you asked me to pick a favorite house I think I’d go with one that I saw on the show last week. I can’t remember the name of the family but one of the kids names was Wyzhir (I don’t know if that’s spelled right. Forgive me if it’s not). The reason it was my favorite was because Wyzhir is a designer so they gave him his very own design room which was so cool! They set up projectors and all kinds of other tech stuff which let’s him project designs onto furniture and other items so he can get a glimpse of what it’ll look like if he uses those colors or fabric. I thought it was so awesome! I sure am gonna miss this show when it ends! I guess all’s left to say is goodbye EMHE!


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