accomondations for autistic kids

Hey blog world! I’m super duper happy that the world is beginning to recognize us asbies and make more and more things accomdating for us! Take this for example In a mall in Minnesota they have a “sensitive Santa” for kids with autism! They dim the lights and music so none of the kids will get to frightened and also Santa is super sensitive too! Also the kids don’t have to wait in a lineup! How awesome is that? It’s so great that thanks to this mall kids with autism will get to see Santa Clause in an asbie friendly environement! Also an awesome perk for kids with autism who go to the Walt Disney World theme parks in Florida is the fast pass! I got one when I went there and it was so great! I can’t remember how you get a fast pass but how it works is you present it to the ride conducter and you get to skip the lineup and go straight to the ride! Which means less waits and more fun! Also for autistic moviegoers they have what’s called an attendance pass. You present it to the person behind the counter when you buy your tickets and you get in for free and the adult that’s with you gets 1/2 off! That is definately a great deal! The attendance pass works in other places too but I can’t rememeber where! Anyways like I said at the beginning I’m so happy that people are making this world more and more accomondating for autistic kids! In your opinion blog world do you think they should offer sensitive santa’s here in Newfoundland for the autistic kids in our provice? I think so! How about you? Tell me why or why not you think sensitive santa’s should come to NL in the comments!


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