Recording TV

Hey blog world! I’ve got quite a busy schedule so I miss a lot of my favorite TV shows! For example every saturday at 1:30 I have voice lessons so that means that I’ve gotta miss my FAVORITE show “Danger Rangers”! Also when I was younger I was in my church’s band and we had practice on Sunday nights which was the exact same night that “Guinness World Records” came on TV! Thank the lord for the miracle of recording shows! I keep hearing about TiVo and DVR which are supposedly ways that you can record TV shows to watch them later on. I don’t how to buy it or even how to work the things! Thankfully for people like me the good lord created blank tapes! I have millions of them lying around the house! I record the telethon every year since I get to be on it,I still have old recordings of “Your Big Break” which was my favorite show when I was younger and I’ve even got a recording of Jeff Dunham’s “Spark Of Insanity” and “Arguing With Myself” TV specials! I end up recording over a lot of stuff but most of the time I just go out and buy a set of blank tapes. What about you blog world? How do you record TV shows that you don’t wanna miss? Tell me in the comments!


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