My favorite Christmas movies

Hey blog world! Christmas is just 23 days away and TV stations have already started airing Christmas movies galore! One of my favorites is “Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town” which is all about the origin of Santa! It tells the whole story from the very beginning when he was left on the doorstep of Burgermeister Meisterburger (pronounced Burger My Stir My Stir Burger) the very grouchy mayor of Sombertown. It tells of how he grows up with the Kringle family (Burgermeister told his servant to send Clause (that was the name that his mother gave him) to the orphan asylum but the little wagon the survant was pulling him in got blown away by the wind and he landed on the Kringle’s doorstep) and learned to make toys and such and it even tells of how Kris (that’s what the Kringles named him) was considered an outlaw in Sombertown! It’s a great special with lots of great musical numbers! My favorite is “One Foot In Front Of The Other” (I couldn’t find the version from the actual movie. Sorry!) Another great christmas special is “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”! It’s obviously the story of everyone’s favorite reindeer! I absolutely love this movie! It’s a great story and it’s got great songs as well! My favorite is “Silver And Gold” Another great Christmas movie is “Elmo’s Christmas Countdown”. Basically this is the story of how thanks to Oscar the grouch Christmas almost didn’t come! You see Stiller the elf (played by Ben Stiller) finds a child each year to do the Christmas Countdown using the Christmas Counterdowner. Once they’ve counted backwards from 10 to 1 Christmas will finally come! If they don’t then it won’t :(. For some reason Stiller picked Oscar to do the countdown this year and when Oscar throws the counterdowner away it crashes and breaks and all the numbers go missing from it and Stiller has a MAJOR pannic attack until Elmo wishes for a Christmas miracle and Abby finds the 1st number and Stiller agrees to let Elmo finish the countdown. This special has all sorts of awesome guest stars like my FAVORITE country singer Brad Paisley,the host of EMHE (Extreme Makeover Home Edition) Ty Pennington and also R&B singer Jamie Foxx! My final favorite Christmas movie is “The Year Without A Santa Clause”. What this movie is about is pretty dang obvious! Santa gets sad because he doesn’t think that anyone believes in him anymore so he decides to cancel Christmas! His elves Jingle and Jangle and also Donner (I think that’s the reindeer they use) set off to proove Santa wrong! This movie has lots of great songs as well! My favorite one is “Snow Meiser”! What’s your favorite Christmas movie blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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