Do you usually remember your dreams?

Hey blog world! I have a load of weird dreams and you better believe that I remember them! My dreams usually turn out quite funny and whenever I have a funny one and I remember it the next morning I tell my friends all about it. These are a few dreams that I remember having. My friend Mark is in a wheelchair and he only speaks in mumbles and groans BUT one night in my dream I dreamt about him dancing with my friend named Jerika! Mark was out of his wheelchair and wearing a tux and slow dancing with her! It was so sweet! A few nights later on I had the same dream but with 2 of my other friend Brooke (who’s also in a wheelchair) and Nathan. Brooke was in a beautiful gown and up on her feet slow dancing with Nathan to “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Also for the past while there’s been a sitcom playing in my head! Andy and Barney from “The Andy Griffith Show” have converted the Mayberry Sherriff’s Office and Jail into half jail half childrens hospital! I actually can’t remember all too much about these dreams but I can remember that Piers Morgan is one of the doctors there! Another great dream that I can remember having was 1 that I had earlier today. I was eating my lunch at school and I dozed off a little and began to daydream. I had the cutest dream EVER! 2 of my favorite Danger Rangers named Gabriella and Squeeky were at a dance together and Squeeky was wearing a tuxedo and Gabriela was wearing a beautiful pink dress and the 2 of them were dancing together to the song “Footloose”! It was so CUTE! Do you remember what you dream about blog world? If you do tell me the funniest dream you’ve ever had in the comments!


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