TV theme songs

Hey blog world! TV shows have a lot of really cool theme songs these days! Here are a few of my favorites!

“Movin’ On Up”. This is the theme from “The Jeffersons” (which is aparently a spin off of “All In The Family”). I’m not a fan of this show but the theme song is super catchy! I even downloaded it onto my iPod! It’s got such a catchy beat and the singer that sings it (Ja’net Dubois) has an amazing voice!

“Fat Albert Theme” This is quite obviously the theme from “Fat Albert”. I don’t have a clue what instruments are used to play this song but whatever they are they sound really cool! Also I love Fat Albert’s singing! If he were a real person I think he’d have a great career in music!

“Exceptional” This is the theme from Disney Channel’s “A.N.T Farm”. I like this song because it’s such an incredible song! It’s perfect for dancing! Also the words are great and I love the music! (As a bonus please enjoy the chimpunks version of the theme song!)

“Danger Rangers Theme” This is the theme from “Danger Rangers”. It’s got a great beat and great music! Also I love this song so much that I have the words memorized!

“Hang In There Baby” This is the theme from “Good Luck Charlie”. I love this song’s music! Also the beat is great and it’s a very danceable song, in fact I’ve choreographed my own dance to this song!

“Believe In Yourself” This is the them from “Arthur”. This songs lyrics are awesome! It’s a very inspirational song!

What’s your favorite theme song blog world? Tell me in the comments!


Places I wanna go

Hey blog world! I love travelling to places and meeting new people and doing new things. These are some places that I wanna go and visit someday

Hawaii: I’d like to go to Hawaii because it seems like such a beautiful place! Sandy beaches,beautiful flowers and best of all SURFING! I’ve never gone surfing but I’d absolutely LOVE to go someday! The closest I’ve ever gotten was boogie boarding in Northern Bay Sands (it’s a place in Newfoundland). As fun as that was I’d love to go to Hawaii and try surfing!

England: I’d like to go to jolly old England because for 1 I’d like to take a ride on the London Eye and also it seems like such an interesting place to visit. I remember watching and episode of “19 Kids And Counting” where the Duggar family went there on vacation and England looked so cool on the TV and one day I’d really like to go there

Los Angeles: I’d like to go to L.A because they also have great beaches for surfing,that’s where “The Doctors” is filmed,they have the walk of fame and also a Madame Tussaud’s museum is there!

Nashville: I’d like to visit here because Nashville is Music City USA! The birthplace of Country Music! It has the Grand Ol Opry and even the Country Hall Of Fame! I’d be in heaven in Nashville!

Where would you like to go on vacation blog world? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world. Just like most kids I love candy! I love all kinds of it! I figured I’d use this post to tell you about some of my favorite kinds,one of which is Sweedish Berries. Little red pieces of deliciousness! Sure they constantly get stuck in my teeth but oh well! I also absolutely LOVE Sour Patch Kids! So does my Dad. In fact we love them so much that in my house they have a lifespan of about 3 days! I like the red ones the best. The green ones are my 2nd favorites even though their the sourest of the bunch and I make a face like I’ve just eaten a lemon when I bite into the green ones LOL! I also love chocolate covered cranberries! They’re a little sour but they sure taste good. The strange thing is that I HATE cranberries! All alone they taste horrible and they’re even worse in muffins! For some reason I only like them in juice and covered in chocolate. Anways going back on topic the final candy I’m gonna talk about is gummi bears. They taste awesome! As for colors I have no preference I like them all. once again I hate it when they get stuck in my teeth but oh well. What’s your favorite candy blog world? Tell me in the comments!

story songs

Hey blog world! There are lots of songs out there that have a story to tell. I like story songs because the stories are always so incredible! These are some of my favorite story songs!

“BJ The DJ” by Stonewall Jackson This story song is about a 24 year old radio DJ named BJ. He still lives with his mom,stays out super late at record hops and drives too fast. You can probably already imagine what happens at the end of the song. I like this song because for 1 thing it teaches an important lesson of not driving too fast and also the beat is very catchy.

“Sink The Bismarck” by Johnny Horton This is a historical story song. It’s about American soldiers sinking the German battleship called the Bismarck. I’m not sure when this event actually happened all that I know is that it did. I like this song because once again the beat is catchy and also I learn a little about American history when I hear this song.

“Ravishing Ruby” by Tom T Hall This is the story about a girl named Ruby who sleeps in a bunk out back (I’m not quite sure what he means by that),pours coffee for a living and is awaiting the return of her father Smilin’ Jack.

“Coat Of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton This is the story of the rag coat that Dolly’s mother sewed for her when she was younger. It was made from nothing but rags because Dolly’s mom couldn’t afford a real coat but Dolly loved it anyway. She got teased in school because of it but she ignored the teasing and told the kids “One is only poor only if they choose to be” which I think is such an amazing thing to say.

What’s your favorite story song blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Stand Up

Hey blog world! A few weeks ago on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” they built a new house for the Walker family. The youngest child in the family was 11 years old. His name was Carl. He got bullied to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore and he killed himself! I think that that’s just HORRIBLE! Don’t you blog world? I want to make sure that nothing like this ever happens ever again! Please go to and join me and millions of others (154,311 others to be exact) on our mission to stop bullying!


Musical Theater Songs

Hey blog world! I love musical theater! It’s totally awesome! I thought I’d post a blog today about some of my favorite musical theater songs. One of those songs is “Marrian The Librarian” from “The Music Man” This is the song that Harold sings to Marrian (who is quite obviously a librarian) to try to tell her he loves her. Another one of my favorite musical theater songs is from “Anne Of Green Gables”. It’s called “Open The Window”. I’m not quite sure what this song is about but boy is it awesome! (By the way I couldn’t find footage of the song from the actual musical but I found the next best thing!) I also love the song “Maybe” from “Annie” This is the very 1st song in the musical. It’s kinda hard to explain so just watch the video I posted. The final song on my list of favorites is “Oh The Thinks You Can Think” from “Seussical The Musical” This song is sung by the cat in the hat and Jojo (one of the who’s). It’s about all the thinks that you can think when you think about Seuss! What they mean by Seuss is of course the famous children’s author Dr Seuss! What’s your favorite musical theater song blog world? Tell me in the comments!

board games

Hey blog world! I really really really love board games! I play them all the time! I figured I’d make a post about some of my favorites. One of which is Scrabble! It’s a crossword puzzle type game where the 1st player spells out a word on the board and then the next person has to make a word that connects to the word the 1st player made and play continues on like that. It’s difficult (especially when all you get are vowels) but it’s a lot of fun! I also really like Monopoly. I love animals so I’m always the dog! Over the years I’ve had so many different versions of this game and they’re all so much fun! My favorite one that I own is the milk chocolate version! All the hotels and houses and game pieces were made of chocolate! It’s been eaten so I can no longer play it but it was fun while it lasted! One version of monopoly that I’d really like to get is Mayberryopoly an Andy Griffith Show version of the game! I’m also a very big fan of the game Trivial Persuit. I played that game all the time at kidclub and I knew pretty much every answer! I rock so hard at that game! I also really like headbanz! It’s a game where you wear a headband on your head with either an object,animal,article of clothing or food and you have until the sand in an hourglass gets to the bottom to figure out what you are. I’m semi good at this game. Sometimes I can’t figure out what I am but I’m pretty good at it sometimes. I remember last year in grade 8 I created a Red Green version of headbanz and played it with my friend! She won every time we played it though. Oh well! My favorite board game of all time would definately have to be Cranium! I’m the Cranium champ at kidclub and at home! If you ever get the chance to play Cranium with me pick me for your team because I always win! Some of the activities like gnilleps (which is spelling words backwards) and sensosketch (drawing with your eyes closed) are hard but a lot of the activities are super easy. My best category is star performer because I’m great at acting and know milllions of songs! What’s your favorite board game blog world? Tell me in the comments!