My favorite musicals

Hey blog world! I’m a HUGE fan of musical theater! Whenever a musical comes to town you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m gonna ask mom for tickets! These are some of my favorite ones!

“Annie”. This is a musical about a spunky redheaded 10 year old orphan girl named Annie who was left on the doorstep of the Hudson Street Orphanidge For Girls when she was only a baby. Her goal in life is to find her parents. She and the other orphans get tortured daily by Miss Hannigan the evil alcoholic orphanidge owner. One day the lonely and cold hearted billionaire Oliver Warbucks decided to let an orphan live with him for a week. His secretary named Grace went to the orphanidge and even though Miss Hannigan isn’t happy about it Grace manages to convince her into letting Annie go to live with Oliver. Oliver like Annie so much that he decides to adopt her and you can bet that Miss Hannigan was not the happiest of campers when she heard this news! She gets her jailbird brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lilly to kidnap Annie. Does their plan work? Will the orphans ever get away from the evil Miss Hannigan? Will Annie and Oliver live happily ever after? You’ll either have to watch the movie or get tickets to the musical to find out!

“The Music Man”. This is a musical about con man Harold Hill who comes to River City to supposedly conduct a boys band. He sells the townspeople instruments and uniforms and then tries skipping town with the cash. I unfortunately haven’t seen the whole thing because I have very bad timing LOL! I was watching TV and “The Music Man” which by the way is also a movie was on TCM (that’s channel 50). Although when I looked I noticed that it was half over! I watched what was left and what was left was really great! There are 4 songs in this musical that I think are really great. 1 of them is “76 Trombones” which is about a HUGE parade. Another is “Til There Was You” which is a love song that Marrian (a librarian) sings to Harold and also “Shipoopy” (I don’t know weather or not that’s spelled right). “Shipoopy” is about a girl who’s hard to get. It has nothing to do with the show though. I think that it was a dance that Harold taught the kids.

“Hairspray”. This is a musical about 200 LB (or so I think) Tracy Turnblad a big girl with big dreams! She loves the “Corny Collins Show” which is the musicals version of “American Bandstand” and when she hears that one of the Nicest Kids In Town (that’s what they call the dancers on the show) drops out and they’re holding auditions for a new one Tracy jumps at the chance and tries out. While she’s there she finds out that they are threatning to cancel Nigro Day a monthly event where African American people get to host an episode of the show. Tracy vows to help her new friends Seaweed J Stubs and his mother Motormouth Maybelle get the show segregated and also she vows to win over Link Larkin her classmate,costar and lifetime crush!

Finally we have “The Sound Of Music” which is a musical about a nun named Maria who babysits the Von Trapp family. The father of these children Captain Von Trapp is very strict! He never lets them play,the only clothes they have are sailor suits and they have to respond to a whistle! Maria decides to change all that! She teaches them how to sing,makes them new clothes from a pair of drapes and does all she can to bring music and fun into the life of the Von Trapps (the Captain included)!

What’s your favorite musical blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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