Hey blog world! I made a post about my favorite villains a little while ago and now I think it’s time for me to honour the good guys and tell you about my favorite HEROES! 1st up we have Captain Underpants ! Sure he may not be the greatest of heroes but he sure is funny! His alter ego is Mr Krupp. An evil principal who’s mission is to make the lives of kids MISERABLE! One day 2 boys named Harold Hutchins and George Beard hypnotized him and turned him into Captain Underpants an undies wearing powerless superhero who can only be turned back into Mr Krupp when water is poured over his head. He faces off against some very weird enemies like the wicked wedgie woman and an army of talking toilets! His books are super duper funny and I strongly reccomend reading them! Another one of my favorite superheroes is Super Grover ! Once again not the brightest of heroes but he’s cute and super funny! I know that I’m a teenager but I still absolutely LOVE Super Grover! Next up is a female! Word up blog world it’s Wordgirl ! Her alter ego is Becky Botsford a girl from the planet lexicon who snuck onto Captain Huggyface (the monkey she’s holding in her arms)’s space ship when she was just a baby and while on the ship she fell asleep. When she woke up she scared the living daylights out of Huggy causing him to crashland his ship on earth and 2 adults named Tim and Sally Botsford decided to adopt the 2 of them. Wordgirl has all the superpowers of a regular superhero like flight and superstrength but her strongest superpower is her power of words! She can spell and define any word at all! She has to face a lot of weird villains like the butcher who’s only weapon is meat,Chuch the evil sandwitch making guy who’s only weapons are bread,condiments and anything related with sandwitches and Dr Twobrains a man who accidentaly swapped brains with an evil mouse in a lab accident and now commits cheese related crimes all over the city. Thankfully her and her awesome power of words always save the day! Another one of my favorite superheroes is Larryboy ! His alter ego is Larry the cucumber! Larryboy saves the city of bumblyberg from villains like the bad apple,rumor weed and fib from outer space! His powers include the larrymobile which is the superpowered car that he drives around in and also his plunger ears capable of grabbing enemies and also Larry uses them as a grappling hook. My final favorite superhero is actually a team of superheroes that I came across 2 weeks ago on “Cookie Jar TV” which is a morning block of children’s programming on CBS (that’s a TV station. It’s channel 22). They’re the danger rangers ! Their names are Sully (he’s the seal),Kitty (she’s the cat),Burble (he’s the polar bear),Gabriela (she’s the bird),Burt (he’s the turtle) and Squaky (he’s the mouse). They go around their town teaching kids about and saving kids from danger! They teach a LOT of important information like this morning as Sully was going to put some suitcases away in a closet he found a gun and made sure the parents locked it up and kept the key away from the kids. Also Burble saved a kids life when he pulled him off of his bike in time before it hit a tree. The kid had no safety gear,horn or lights and forgot to check his breaks so Burble gave him all the stuff he needed and checked the breaks and sent him on his way. The Danger Rangers use a lot of humor to demonstrate things in the show! On today’s show Sully borrowed a little girls doll to demonstrate what to do if a stranger grabs you. He took things a little too far because he made the doll beat him up really badly! He ended up being twisted into a pretzel LOL! They also use songs to help get their points across as well! My favorite one is “Caves” (unfortunately I can’t find it online. Oh well!) It’s got a really jazzy beat and it got stuck in my head instantly! Out of all of them I think I like Squeaky the best! He’s really funny! Who’s your favorite superhero (or team of superheroe’s) blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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