Urban Legends

Hey blog world! I figured that with this blog post I’d play a little game with you! I’m a fan of the TV show “Urban Legends” where they have 3 stories and you’ve gotta figure out which is true and which is false. There are usually 1 or 2 scary ones but I promise not to use them! I’ll give you 3 of my favorite stories from the show. 1 is true and the other 2 are false. It’s up to you to determine which is which (by the way I won’t be giving any names in the stories because I forget them LOL! Also I’ll give them my own names because I forget what they were called on the show!)

Story #1 Jealousy

Once there was a construction worker who was extremely jealous of his wife. He was afraid that she may cheat on him. He kept listening in on her conversations and phone calls just to make sure. Little did he know that one day his little habbit of eavesdropping would cause him to make a very big mistake. One day he overheard his wife on the phone saying “he has no idea and he won’t suspect a thing”. He gets very curious about what she was talking about and who she was talking to. One day the man comes home and there’s a convertible parked in the driveway! The convertible is the car of his dreams! He’s positive that she’s cheating on him because he sees that car in the driveway and it doesn’t belong to him. He decided to pour cement from his cement truck into the car and ruin it on the man. Unfortunately for him when he came into the house he found out that the convertible was his anniversary present and the man driving it was just the salesman dropping it off! Oopsies!

Story #2 from a tree to the ground

There was once an orange tabby cat. This cat LOVED playing outside! One day it got into the neighbors yard and the neighbor was not very happy with it! She scared the cat off and it got so scared that it jumped into a tree! The owner called the fire department to come and get it down and when they did they succeeded BUT just as they were leaving the cat darted out onto the road for some reason (I forget why) and the firemen didn’t see it and they accidentaly ran it over!

Our final story is called Woman’s best friend

Once there was a woman who LOVED animals! She took in injured and homeless ones and nursed them back to health and found them a home. One day she found a little dog who had been abandonned and she couldn’t find it’s owners or find another home for it so she decided to keep it. She named him Toby. Her and Toby instantly became the best of friends! One day the woman was in the kitchen getting a snack. She decided to have an apple. She always peels her apples but she heard from a friend that the peel is really good for you so she decided to leave it on. Not really her brightest idea at this moment. The reason why is because she choked on it! Toby heard all the gagging and choking noises and instantly ran to his owner knocked her down and started jumping on her chest. He was giving her a doggie heimleich! After a few minutes the apple came out and the womans life was saved by her dog!

Ok blog world you’ve read all 3 of the stories. Only 1 of these stories is true! Which story do you think it is? The jealous construction worker who unknowingly cemented his own car, The cat who was rescued AND killed by the fire department or the woman who’s life was saved by her dog named Toby? You decide! Post your answer in the comments and tomorrow afternoon I’ll post which story is true! Good luck guessing blog world!


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