Hey blog world! I’ve read “The Book Of Awesome” and I’m in the middle of reading it’s sequel “The Book Of Even More Awesome” and there are loads of awesome things in it. I’ve come up with a few awesome things of my own!

Subway Air. I’m a fan of burgers and fries,fried chicken,pizza and lots of other fast foods but whenever I’m asked if I wanna go to subway I JUMP at the chance! Not only is their food delicious but the second that I walk through the door and get a great big whiff of Subway’s delicious aroma I’m totally in heaven! The smell of pickles,freshly baked bread,chili and soda pop is to me totally AWESOME!

Getting front row seats to anything. No matter weather I’m going to see “The Music Man” (a musical),Alan Jackson (he’s a country singer) or Ron James (he’s a standup comic) the fron row is always the BEST place to be! You see everything super clearly you hear every word and as a massive bonus if your at a concert the artist may walk around on stage in the middle of a song and shake hands with the front row people! Also if you ever get front row tickets to a standup show there’s a really good chance you’ll either get talked to,picked on or both by the comic which is really cool! The front row is always the best place to sit no matter what your going to see. Sure they may cost a lot but you’ll definately receive an entire night full of AWESOME!

Singing in the shower. When your in the shower your not just in the shower. No no my friends your on your own personal stage where you can belt out a song as loud and as long as you like! The only person listening is the rubber duckie in the corner of the tub and he ain’t no critic so just go ahead and sing loud and proud my friends! AWESOME!

Watching old sitcoms. Weather your watching them on DVD or on TV watching old sitcoms is like reuniting with old friends. The ones you used to come home to every day and spend a half hour laughing together! Sit back relax and cruise down memory lane! AWESOME!

Shotgun. The backseat of the car is terrible! It’s way too crowded! That’s why I prefer the front seat! Every single time I get into a car with people I always be sure to be the 1st to call SHOTGUN! Small little tip bloggers according to an issue of “Downhome” (it’s a Newfie magazine) that I read your calling shotgun cancells itself out if you go back inside even for a second! Make sure that if you re enter the house you call shotgun again when you get back outside so nobody can take your spot! Shotgun has lots of perks. My personal favorite is what I like to call The DJ. When you call shotgun you have TOTAL control over the radio and the CD’s. It doesn’t matter at all what the folks in the backseat want to listen to. If your in the front seat go ahead and put Blake Shelton on blast if you like! It’s entirely up to you what music gets played during the car ride! Another great perk is that you have easy access to the glove box in case you need a tissue,straw or whatever else you keep in there. When you call shotgun you instantly become the prince/princess (the driver is the king/queen) of the car blog world! AWESOME!  

Finally learning the name of a song that you LOVE but never knew the name of. Don’t you just HATE when this happens! Your crusing down the road and your flicking radio stations to find something to listen to. You come across a station and there’s a song playing that you’ve never heard before but your starting to really like. You hope that the announcer will tell you the name of the song but unfortunately they go to commercial break and you don’t get to find out. That’s happened to me TWICE before and I’ve gotten totally aggrivated both times! I’ve listened to the radio for hours on end in hopes of hearing this song and finding out it’s name but I never do! Then one miraculous day they play the song and the announcer tells you what it’s name is! Fireworks go off in your head and you jump with joy because after all this time of trying and not succeedding to figure out the name of the song you finally have! Now you can youtube it all day every day or even buy it on iTunes! AWESOME! (In case your wondering the 2 songs that this has happened to me with were “Daddy Frank” by Merle Haggard and “Pickup Truck” by Shane Yellowbird).

These are some of the things that I find awesome blog world! What do you think is awesome? Tell me in the comments!

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