Hey blog world! This blog post is somewhat similar to the ACMA’s I had a while back. These are the ACMVA’s which means Asbie Country Music Video awards. Our 1st award of the night is for best music video by a male artist. The award goes to Gord Bamford for his video “My Daughters Father”! I chose this video because it’s so beautiful! His daughter Paisley (I at least think that that’s her name) is adorable and her and Gord together are even more beautiful!

The next award is for best video by a female artist. This one is most definately NOT a contest! I’m handing this award out to Terri Clark for “No Fear”! This song is about perservearance and not being afraid to try. This video features my most favorite people in the world Special Olympic atheletes! They’re absolutely perfect for this video because they’re the spitting image of determination,confidence and sportsmanship! Awesome job Terri!

Next we have best music video by a band. That video goes to “Mr Mom” by Lonestar The reason I picked this video is because it’s so dang funny! It’s about a man who has recently lost his job and his wife decides to return to work while he tries to find another one and she leaves him with the kids. The poor sap who has no clue how to cook or change a diaper has the worst time of his life (and gives us the most entertaining 3:00 minutes (or so I think) of ours) taking care of 4 of his kids! If your in a bad mood I strongly suggest turning this song on because your gonna feel a whole lot better!

Next up we have the award for best tearjerker. That award goes to Joe Nichols for “The Impossible! This video receives the award because this video is just like “Annie”! I don’t mean that it has evil alcoholic orphanidge owners,redheaded orphans and grumpy billioanaires I mean that whenever this video comes on (or I hear this song) I just break down and cry! Mostly because it reminds me of my grandma.

Our final award is for funniest video and it goes to Brad Paisley for “Online”!! I chose this video because it’s super de duper funny! It’s about a 40 something (or so I think) dude who is still living with his mother,uses an inhaler,owns a lightsabre and frodo ears and eats enough to feed an elephant who pretends to be someone he’s not via “Myspace” just to attract women!

Those are all the ACMVA’s! Congrats to all the singers and bands who won an award tonight!


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