The weirdest songs on my iPod

Hey blog world! I’m the proud owner of a pink iPod nano! I’ve got loads of songs on it! I remember bringing it to kidclub one day and my friend Erin asked me what’s the weirdest song that I put on it? I said that it was the F.U.N song from “Spongebob” but since then I’ve added WAY more weird songs onto it so Erin just for you (and everyone else in the blog world who wants to read this) I’ve devised a top 10 list of the weirdest songs I have on my iPod!

#10 “It’s Rainin Men” by The Weather Girls I heard this song in the movie “Vampires Suck” and I was HOOKED ever since! Sure it’s a bit of a weird song but man is it ever awesome!

#9 “Another One Rides The Bus” by Weird Al Yankovich I really don’t know why I have this song LOL! I like it and I randomly decided to put it on!

#8 “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” (I don’t know who sings this) This is a totally random song but I absolutely love it! 

#7 “Traillerhood” by Toby Keith This is an awesome redneck song! Although in my opinion if Toby wanted to go to the ultimate redneck extreme he should have cast Jeff Foxworthy in this video! Anyways I must admit I am a redneck at heart! This song is funny and super catchy! I know it’s weird but I LOVE IT!

#6 “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” by Kenny Chesney Once again we’ve got another redneck song. I myself think this song is weird because I don’t know a single person who thinks a tractor is sexy but the video is great and so is the song! 

#5 Mr Mom by Lonestar This song is freaking HILLARIOUS! Sure it may be considered weird to some but I absolutely love it (and am still holding a grudge agains Dean Sams for dissing it!)

#4 the theme from Dragon Tales I have no honest idea why I put this song on! I just found it on Piolet and decided to put it onto my iPod!

#3 “Flying Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley This song is about a really weird rock and roll alien but I absolutely love it! I’ve even got all the words memorized!

#2 “Sneaky Snake” by Tom T Hall This is about a snake who drinks root beer. So obviously you can see where the weirdness factor comes in! Even though it is a little weird I’m totally in love with this song and so is my neice!

The #1 weirdest song on my iPod is none other then “Manah Manah” by the Muppets! This famous muppet song is hillarious and yet extremely weird because noone in the world has a clue what Manah Manah means and also the scatting or mumbling or whatever the guy is doing in the middle is really weird! I absolutely LOVE this song though! Great work Jim Henson (or whoever it was that wrote this song)!

What’s the weirdest song on your iPod? Tell me in the comments!


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