Reality shows I enjoy watching part 2

Hey blog world! Remember the blog post I made called “Reality shows I enjoy watching”? I completely forgot to include my absolute favorite one! It’s called “Kortney And Dave By Request”! It’s basically a show where you can go online to and send in a letter asking Country music singers (and also husband and wife) Kortney and Dave Wilson to play a song for a friend or loved one and if they like it they’ll put it on the air. There’s always some very touching songs and stories on the show and also some that I’m surprised get put on the air since this is a family show (I’m looking at you “As Good As I Once Was” by Toby Keith.) Not only do they play dedications of songs on the show but also they do lots of other cool stuff like making perfume, and also making their own T shirt designs! My favorite part of the show is most definately the viewer request of the day! That’s my favorite part because people get to share their stories and dedications with Kortney and Dave via Skype! Just last month for the season 2 premier I was the viewer request of the day! I asked them to play “The Impossible” for my Grandma and when I got the e mail saying I was gonna be a viewer request of the day I was so happy! Kortney and Dave are such nice people and I was so happy to get to talk to them and be on their show! If you want more information on the show or want to know when it’s on in your area go to and also remember to watch “Kortney And Dave By Request” on CMT! What song dedication would you send in to Kortney and Dave and who would you send it to? Tell me in the comments!

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