Hey blog world! For those of you who don’t know PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. There are millions and millions out there about all different kinds of topics. I watch a lot of TV so I’ve seen WAY more then I can possibly count! These are a few of my favorites.

“Purse” This PSA comes to us from “The Foundation For A Better Life”. There’s this teenager dude who sees this woman leave her purse behind on a bench and he takes it and runs! It leaves us wondering weather or not he’ll return it. You’ll just have to watch and find out! I like this ad because it has great graphics,awesome music and it also teaches the very important value of doing the right thing!

“He’s An A Hole” I don’t know where this comes from but man is it funny! It’s about the serious issue of drinking and driving but it uses humor which is a teriffic way to help people understand the message. This commercial features actor Dennis Leary in the backseat of a drunk drivers car singing about him being an A hole because he’s drinking and driving. (*This PSA contains minor coarse language. Viewer discresion is advised).

The final PSA is ‘Matchsticks” This is a very creative ad from everyone’s favorite forest animal Smokey Bear! It’s about the things that you can create with 10 sticks and also what you can destroy with only 1. It gives off a great message and also great craft ideas (as long as you don’t use matches)! Hope you enjoyed (and learned something from) all these great PSA’s! What’s your favorite PSA blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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