New AGT judge

Hey blog world! Since Piers Morgan is leaving AGT the position is open for a brand new judge! I wonder who they’re gonna pick? I have several different ideas as to who I wanna see sitting at the judges table in Piers’s place. One of those people is Larry the Cable Guy! I think that AGT definately deserves a redneck judge! Larry is funny,smart (sometimes) and seems like a nice guy so I think he’d be perfect to be a judge! Also I think that Jeff Foxworthy would be a good judge as well. He was great hosting “Are You Smarter Then A 5th Grader” and when I watch him doing stand up I sometimes can’t breathe because I’m laughing so hard! He’d be an awesome judge as well! Another great judge would be Mauricio Herrera! As you guys all know from watching the show and reading my blog posts Mauricio’s funny,kind,good looking,smart and he can sing and dance so if I were Simon Cowell (he’s the producer of the show) I would have just begged Mauri to be a judge the second Piers left! Finally I think that Mike Myers would be a good choice for a new judge. He’s an amazing actor so I think that he’d be an amazing judge as well! If any of my choices do get picked to be Piers’s replacement¬†I sure hope that neither of them will be as buzzer happy as Piers was! Who do you think would make a good replacement for Piers blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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