Goodbye Piers

Hey blog world! If you weren’t watching CNN last night then I have good and bad news. If you were watching CNN then you already know what I’m talking about. The good AND bad news is that Piers Morgan will be leaving AGT. The reason that’s good news because Piers is mean,buzzer happy and he makes children cry so I’m very happy to see him go. The reason that’s bad news is because now I won’t have a judge to BOO every week and also I thought he was HILLARIOUS when he was angry so I’m really gonna miss that. Piers has had some incredible moments on AGT (which you remember from the blog post “Piers Morgan Moments”). The sword fight with Howie,his funeral and even getting attacked by Sharon Osbournes dog! Those precious (and hillarious) memories are what I’ll always remember him by (also I’ll never forget the look on his face whenever those funny little people performed! It was completely PRICELESS!) To end this blog post I have one thing left to say. Goodbye Piers! I’ll miss you but I hope you never come back to AGT! I’ve also got a question for everyone out there reading this blog post! What are some of your favorite Piers moments from this year? Tell me in the comments!


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