Little Kids bands

Hey blog world! With a 6 year old neice I’ve been forced to listen to a lot of music from children’s entertainers. It seems to me that nowadays there’s more little kids bands then there are bands for grown ups! Some of these bands are cool and some are just plain weird. I know I’m 13 but there are certain kids bands that I actually enjoy listening to. One of those bands is “The Imagination Movers”.  Their names are Smitty (the one in the cowboy hat),Scott (the one with the glasses on his head),Dave (the one in the red baseball cap) and Rich (the one with nothing on his head). These guys are actually quite awesome! I like a lot of their songs. My favorite one is “Now We’re Cooking”! I get up really early in the morning on Saturdays just to watch their show on “Disney Jr”. Something really cool about it is that they always have a really cool guest star like Jason Dooley,Daran Norris (he plays Cozmo and Timmy’s Dad in “Fairly Odd Parents” and he also plays Gordy in “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”) and also just this morning the ace of cakes (that’s Duff Goldman for those of you who don’t watch the “Food Network”) made a guest appearance. They never played a concert here but it’d be really cool if they did! Another kids band that I like listening to (and watching on TV) is “The Doodlebops”. I don’t know weather these guys are human or not but they’re so cool! They’re names are Didi (the pink one),Rooney (the blue one) and Moe (the orange one). These guys sing songs about lots of stuff like controling your anger,asking questions and also cauliflower! My favorite “Doodlebops” song is called “Wobbly Whoopsi”. (Sorry for the bad video quality. Blame youtube and NOT me!) My 3rd favorite children’s band is “The Wiggles”. Their names are Sam (he’s wearing yellow),Anthony (he’s wearing blue),Jeff (he’s wearing purple) and Murray (he’s wearing red). My favorite wiggle is Murray because he’s very funny and his guitar playing is AWESOME! Also in regards to the yellow wiggle I much prefer Sam to Greg (Greg for those of you who don’t know was the original yellow Wiggle but he left the band last year due to health problems and Sam replaced him). My favorite Wiggles song is “Wake Up Jeff” I like that song because it’s so much fun!

These are all the kids bands that I like to listen to blog world! Do you like listening to children’s music. If so what’s your favorite kids band and what’s your favorite song they sing? Tell me in the comments!


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